Best CPUs for Gaming

When we talk about PCs, the first component that generally comes to our mind is a CPU because it is the part that determines the collective performance of other components such as best Graphics CardBest CPU Coolers, best Motherboard, best RAM, etc. Your CPU will decide how powerful your PC will be, so If you want to build a smart gaming rig, you have to go for the best CPU. The CPU is abbreviated from Central Processing Unit and is responsible for basically every computer’s task. That is why we call it the brain of a computer. Without a brain, a body doesn’t work, and likewise, without a CPU, you cannot run a computer. It makes everything that goes on inside the computer system function well. The data that is stored, the input commands, and the output solely manage every single thing. The processor collects the information or commands that the user feeds as input and follows the instructions accordingly. It processes the data and signals other components to give an output that the user requires.

If you ever had tried to run the simplest program without a CPU, you would fail, and that goes without saying. Taking the calculator as an example, imagine solving an intricate mathematics problem pretty rigorously. It would take a lot of time and mental effort, right? But the processor does the same task in a fraction of a second. Thanks to the chips, which can handle millions of chores and interpret the data all at once. But how in the world would you choose the best CPU for gaming, programming, content creation, or whatever you do with your computer all day long! Since the market is teeming with millions of products which look so fancy and are so good, it is quite a strenuous job to get the most suitable item for your system. If you build a custom computer system for the first time, this task can be even more confusing. So here we are with some of the most famous, tested, and tried products. Continue reading to know about those CPUs and a lot more.

Quick Shopping Tips:

You may like to look at some quick shopping tips that would help you pick the right product.

Clock Speeds: A powerful processor should be fast and stable. That somewhat depends upon the clock speed. It is measured in GHz and is responsible for accelerating the CPU’s performance. Latest CPUs determine this speed according to the task performed, and you can change that speed to push your processor’s performance to greater extents. But make sure that the CPU you choose can handle that sort of stress and have compatible components.

Cores/Threads: In simple words, the more the number of cores, the better will be the performance; this point is of great significance. The minimum number of cores will allow your system to work well, but you will see a remarkable difference with the increase in this number. Multitasking requires eight cores, at the very least. Professional content creators and gamers would need even more cores to leave no chance for a slouched performance. However, an increase in the number of cores is directly proportional to the rise in price. So if your usage is not so demanding and strenuous, don’t opt for paying for more cores than you need.

Brand: If you search for a reliable processor that goes hand in hand with your system for several years and does not make you want to upgrade for quite some time, you have to choose the brand carefully. The top brands which manufacture CPUs are AMD and Intel. Any computer whizz who has been into these things for even the shortest period knows about these two hotshots. People still get confused about what to choose between these two. Both are pros in their ways. You can trust both of them. You just have to select the processor by its specifications and your demands.

Socket: It is essential to check the type of socket carefully. Sockets are the doorways for the CPUs to the whole computer system. Through socket, a CPU communicates with vital parts of the setup and makes commands possible. Modern CPUs support different kinds of sockets depending on their generation. If the socket isn’t compatible with the motherboard, your purchase will be useless as the components would not connect and work.

Best CPUs for Gaming at a glance:

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
  2. Intel Core i5-11600K
  3. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  4. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  5. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  6. Intel Core i5-11400
  7. AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
  8. AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

The Best CPUs for Gaming you can buy in 2022

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Best CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 3 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 3.7 GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.6 GHz | TDP: 65W

+ Low TDP + Power efficient + Stock cooler included
- No integrated graphics - A minor improvement over predecessors

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is a mind-blowing performer when it comes to gaming. All Ryzen products are known for their gaming performance, but this one is especially famous. It offers unique features which will make you fall in love with this processor. Since it is a gaming-focused processor, the manufacturers paid particular attention to the tiny details. Let’s elaborate a bit on the reason why this thing is believed as the best CPU. To lower the temperature and keep it temperate afterward, the brand provides you with a bundled cooler. The cooler is efficient enough and makes sure that the processor works fine without getting stumbled by heat issues. The low TDP of this product shows that it is not a power-hungry monster and will assist you for as long as possible.

There are a few negative points, like the lack of integrated graphics. Some experts think the price raise with mere changes and improvements over the previous products is not fair enough. Howsoever, there is a lot to praise about this CPU. Its visible dominance in gaming benchmarks makes it the best CPU for gaming. It lets you overclock to a reasonable extent and bears the stress without causing a stir. That said, we are sure any gamer would like to own it. Even beginners and amateurs can slay the wild modern games if they put some effort and a reliable CPU like this one together. A mid-range product like this can polish up the gaming performance as soon as you start using it.

Intel Core i5-11600K Intel Core i5-11600K

Best Overall CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Rocket Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 3.9 GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.90GHz | TDP: 125W

+ Latest chipset + Supports PCIe 4.0 + Excellent single-threaded performance
- No bundled cooler - No Thermal Velocity Boost

A top-notch yet moderately priced processor is quite hard to find, isn’t it? But here comes the legendary Intel Core i5-11600K. It is an 11th generation processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, accompanied by the latest “Rocket Lake” chip. Isn’t it thrilling that a processor with such extravagant specifications manufactured by Intel, the gigantic brand, costs way lower, abbreviated than rival products? Intel has come up with this fantastic product for users who want to follow a rather mediocre budget. It has everything that only the sky-high priced processors offer. That is why it is the best overall CPU for gaming. The gamers who prefer using their systems for extended periods found this product very helpful. With compatible components, one can enjoy the most demanding games at decent frame rates.

But it’s not all roses here. The TDP is preposterously high compared to some competitors, which would draw more power and be exhausted. It is not the fastest one in the market, and it lacks any thermal solution. On the bright side, this processor, with its modern technologies, steps up the gaming performance. Any cooler would solve the thermal issues efficiently. So it is rightly called the best processor for gaming. To cut a long story short, this processor might not be the king of all, and we would appreciate the presence of a bundled cooler. But to reap the benefits of this processor, we have to accept this bitter fact. It truly has a lot to captivate the masses.

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Best High Performance CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 3 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 16/32 | Base Frequency: 3.4GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.9GHz | TDP: 105W

+ High clock speeds + VR-Ready Premium + AMD StoreMI Technology
- No AMD PRO security - No AMD Enduro Technology

In search of the best CPU for gaming, we stumbled on the mesmerizing AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. A processor with 16 cores! You can trust this beast with any burden that you want to throw at your system. With this many cores, multitasking is no more a big deal. It has kindled a fire in the gamer inside of everyone with its attractive features. In other words, even with a few cons, it is still worth the price it demands. This CPU has been a hot topic for quite a while now, and we can’t deny its Aura. In terms of speed and productivity, it is unmatched.

But a sturdy performer like this doesn’t cost less. Especially when it is feature-filled and manufactured by a huge brand, it is a top-end CPU that performs breathtakingly well. The high speed it delivers while dealing with the most tedious tasks is no less than a boon and makes it the best high performance CPU for gaming. It does lack a few latest technologies, which are AMD’s specialties. This absence of AMD’s Enduro Technology and X86 SOC Technology has disappointed our experts a bit. But love it or hate it, it is what it is, regardless of anything. You are going to be absolutely in love with this masterpiece. We, as gaming geeks, assure that the gaming performance it delivers is spectacular. It comes without a cooler, but you can manage the thermal issues with a bit of effort. For professional gaming and wildering tasks like programming, spending on this lavish CPU isn’t pointless at all.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Best Value CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 3 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 8/16 | Base Frequency: 3.8GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.7GHz | TDP: 105W

+ Future-proof design + Major IPC improvement + Stunning single-core performance
- No Blockchain Technology - Slight overclocking headroom

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is one of the mid-ranged products made for gamers, but other users will be astonished by its magic. Getting started, let’s talk about its architecture. AMD used the latest Zen 3 architecture and the detailed 7-nanometer production process as its base. Its design is simple and elegant and is suitable for any PC user. This product’s build quality and design make it a future-proof thing and the best processor for gaming. If you are into PC building, this is a great product to upgrade to, especially for those currently using a Zen 2 processor. For beginners, it is a good CPU to start with, as it teems with exceptional features.

While this catchy CPU has a lot to amaze us, it does have a few things to leave us in dismay. The absence of a stock cooler made no odds since only a few include it. It is the best value CPU for gaming, and the manufacturers have already made a reasonable effort, but the lack of integrated graphics in a gaming CPU is absurd. Moreover, the company left another loophole for us to snob about: the minimal overclocking headroom. For a gamer, nothing is more exciting than having a CPU that lets him overclock to great extents but here, the company almost missed this point. However, IPC improvement here is no joke, and the single-core performance is powerful as heck.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Best High-End CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 3 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 12/24 | Base Frequency: 3.7GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.8GHz | TDP: 105W

+ PCIe 4.0 support + DDR4 up to 3200MHz + DDR4-3200MHz memory
- No AMD Infinity Guard - No AMD 25X20 Initiative

Flawless gaming performance is not solely dependant on your skills. It takes a lot of effort indeed but what’s more important is the hardware that you choose. Sturdy hardware components, especially an excellent processor, will surely give you desired gaming results. AMD has been enjoying humungous fame over the past decade, and we think that fame is quite well-deserved. A product like AMD Ryzen 9 5900X will make you a fan of team red right away. Being the best high-end CPU for gaming, it managed to take away the spotlight from nearly all of its rivals. Its quality justifies the price raise compared to predecessors. It’s a single-core champion that supports an AM4 socket. As for multitaskers, The cores make multitasking a breeze. It is capable enough to snatch the crown for being the ideal processor of everyone.

If we were to complain about something about this processor, that would surely be the TDP. It is higher than what an average user would require, but it is still lower than that of rivals. A few minor features are absent, overclocking headroom is limited, and there is no included cooler. But it is still the best CPU for gaming. Why? Despite the cons, we cannot deny the phenomenal performance of this classy component when it comes to gaming. With the high-speed DDR4-3200MHz memory, it makes sure that you nail your gaming performance every single time you enter the battlefield. No matter how demanding the game is or how much of a multitasker you are, this processor will not let you down in any case and will handle the stress well.

Intel Core i5-11400 Intel Core i5-11400

Best Mid-Range CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Rocket Lake | Socket: LGA1200 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 2.6GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.4GHz | TDP: 65W

+ Highly power-efficient + Dual memory channel + 12 MB Intel Smart Cache
- Low base clock speed - No Thermal Velocity Boost

Even if you are not someone who loves to get into the nitty-gritty bits of technical stuff, you must still be aware of Intel’s insanely famous brand. The Intel Core i5-11400 is a geat processor manufactured by Intel. Its solid gaming performance and excellent features show a commendable accomplishment by the brand for those who require a mid-tier processor. We name this timid thing the best mid-range CPU for gaming as it fulfills every criterion of being matchless. This product has far-fetched features and the most attractive design and still comes with a humble price tag. Not only this, it is accompanied by a CPU cooler which means you get to save a couple of additional bucks if you opt for this processor.

Something a bit upsetting regarding this CPU is its availability. Even though an enormous brand manufactures it, it is still not readily available. The supply, compared to demand, is pretty less, and the product is not at the heights of fame yet. But we made that hassle-free for you so that you can get it with a mere click. With the low TDP, modern architecture, and latest socket compatibility, everything about this best processor for gaming is sophisticated and quite grand. It has integrated graphics and a 3-year warranty, and that’s the icing of the cake, isn’t it? Team blue raised the bar for team red. It might not be easy to reach the level and make it affordable. As for the recommendation, well, who wouldn’t fall for such a masterpiece.

AMD Ryzen 3 3300X AMD Ryzen 3 3300X

Best Budget CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 2 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 4/8 | Base Frequency: 3.8GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.3GHz | TDP: 65W

+ AM4 socket compatible + Unlocked for overclocking + Dominating single-core performance
- No Multi-platform enabled - No Introduction to Semiconductors

Up next is the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, not so famous, but it is still worth mentioning here in this list of the best CPUs. Let’s get to know it a bit. It is not as modern as some other products mentioned in this article as it is the brand built it on the Zen 2 architecture, which lags a bit behind Zen 3. But the fastest DDR4 memory, low TDP, and bundled Wraith Stealth cooler ensure that AMD’s high standard is intact. The single-core performance of this processor is dazzling. And the multi-core performance is also fascinating. For people who indulge in gaming or productive tasks, this CPU has luxurious features. It offers users modern AM4 socklets, PCIe 4 (for ultra-fast SSD drives), and much more.

Gaming computers are not easy to build in these times of inflation. But AMD has consistently been acclaimed for producing cost-effective products for consumers. This processor is known as the best budget CPU for gaming, and it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to build a gaming rig on a budget. Are you wondering why do we adore it so much? The answer is simple. It does not cut short on features and is future-proof as well. The fast clock rates allow it to go at new and old games without causing bottleneck tussles. To get the tons of its advantages, you have to bite the bullet and accept the few drawbacks.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

Best Entry-Level CPU for Gaming


Architecture: Zen 3 | Socket: AM4 | Cores/Threads: 6/12 | Base Frequency: 3.9GHz | Top Boost Frequency: 4.4GHz | TDP: 65W

+ Lowest configurable TDP + Windows 11 - 64-Bit Edition + Great overclocking headroom
- No Integrated SCH - Motherboard compatibility issues

For a stellar performance, you would always need the best processor for gaming accompanied by other excellent components. But is it that simple to find something that has an all-rounder nature? No, it’s not. But with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, it is not a tiring chore anymore. It works just fine for any gamer out there. It comes with a bundled stock cooler to avoid worrying about thermal issues and play his favorite games devotedly. The cores make multitasking possible, and the low TDP keeps the power consumption in check. Unlike many of its rivals, this CPU promises you decent headroom for overclocking.

In the nerve-wracking quest of finding a fantabulous CPU, you might not get 100% of your ideal product. Flaws and imperfections are always there. The motherboard compatibility here is not as wide as you think. It is not the ultimate option for professional gamers. But it is the best entry-level CPU for gaming at a mediocre level. It worked fine while we tested it. And we came to know much more of its better than the box describes. Overall, it is a pocket-friendly and budget-friendly processor that is the leader of its era. Once you get to know it, you will be a fan too.


CPU is the component that you need to think about before purchasing because there are a lot of CPUs, and one can’t just pick any one of them without knowing about it a bit. That is not a sensible thing to do. A good CPU is the need of the hour for every computer user. Whether a gamer, programmer, or content creator, everyone is on a wild goose chase to choose between multiple products. So we came up with a list of the top processors to save you some time and effort. If you are budget-conscious or want to save a few bucks for other vital components, or even if you are a serious gamer who is obsessed with his work and needs a powerful beast, there’s something just right for you here.

A product like AMD Ryzen 9 5950X will step up your gaming performance as it is the most powerful and the best processor for gaming. But if you are here searching for a mid-tier performer, we have the ultimate option for you. The Intel Core i5-11400 is another great option. Isn’t it easier now to narrow down the list of your favorites to the one that fits just right? To hunt down the product that suits your taste and the best rates, you don’t have to shop till you drop anymore. All you have to do is to choose amongst these first-class processors. We have paved the way to a successful and fruitful purchase for you so that you enjoy the wonders of your newly bought product right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CPU on the market?

Out of all the CPUs, it is the most reliable product from all aspects. Its unique design and finishing make it stand out in the crowd. Not only is it the best performer in terms of processing, but the thermal performance tops the charts as well. The build quality is sturdy, which means you don’t have to worry even if the usage is rough and tough. For people who tend to spend consecutive hours on their computers and multitask, this processor is the best one on hand.

What is a good CPU percentage?

CPU percentage refers to the processor’s capacity that is currently in use when some tasks are going on. For different processors, this percentage may vary, depending upon their strength. Generally, when the CPU is inert or nothing, in particular, is going on, this percentage is around 2 to 4 %. During gaming, it raises to 40%. But if the game is way too intense or a very demanding task is going on, this percentage can reach its fullest.

Is AMD better than Intel?

On the whole, you can’t call either of them better than the other. Since both have designs and features which are unique to them, in terms of being great for the budget, AMD takes the lead. With the modern technologies, excellent build quality, and economical price tags, AMD’s processors are in vogue these days. Nevertheless, nothing can beat Intel when it comes to manufacturing products brimming with the latest features. The gaming performance intel delivers has stirred up a sensation among the masses.

What is the fastest processor in a computer?

It has proved to be the fastest processor among all those CPUs in raging fame. Everything about this CPU, from clock speed to thermal performance, is beyond compare. This mighty monster has won performance awards as well as users' hearts. For enthusiast gamers, nothing can outperform a CPU like this. Being the fastest, it leaves no room for delays and glitches. Plus, the looks and design are elegant and match the theme of most custom-built systems.