Best Graphics Cards

Gamers love to build with hardware of their choice, especially significant components for a gaming rig. You may also find pre-built gaming PCs, but a graphics card is a component every gamer wants to keep updated. We are here to help you pick the best graphics card out there. Being a gamer, you may be fully aware of the importance of a graphics card in gaming performance. In short words, a graphics card shares the graphic tasks with the processor and allows it to perform other functions without being wrecked due to overwork.

The graphics cards, or also termed video cards or GPUs, can perform all sorts of complex tasks. Video editors and programmers go for these cards as well. However, these expansion cards are most famous among the gaming community since gaming demands tremendous effort from the system and inevitable load. That overload can cause the system to overheat and subsequently lack performance. A gaming enthusiast would always opt for the best GPU for gaming so that his custom-built system does not have to go through the trouble. In this article, we are going to glance over the most competent gaming graphics cards. You can compare them and choose the one that’s just right for you.

Quick Shopping Tips:

But before we jump into further discussion, have a quick view of the below-mentioned shopping tips that will be of great assistance if you get confused between similar products.

Memory: While choosing a GPU, especially for gaming, more the memory, better the performance. An 8GB graphics card would work fine but don’t let the system suffer from a card with less than 8GB memory. Gamers who play with the highest resolutions yet don’t want their systems to break a sweat over heavy tasks prefer even more than 8GB. 16GB is the most common these days, and of course, you can go even further than that.

TDP: The TDP measures heat dissipation or the power that the system requires to run smoothly. So that is opposite to what we discussed earlier. The lower the TDP, the better. But powerful cards usually have it higher than regular ones. So make sure that your system can handle it.

Ray tracing: It is one of the latest techniques developed specifically for gamers. It enhances the gaming graphics by adding some bells and whistles to the rendered images. Amongst NVIDIA and AMD, NVIDIA was the first to come up with this feature in their cards. And it has been doing pretty fine as their 2nd generation is out now. AMD is on 1st yet. Beyond the manufacturer, you should go for the card that supports premium level ray tracing.

Compatibility: How is it to spend a thousand bucks on a graphics card which turns out to be longer than what your expensive case can support? A waste, right? So to avoid such a terrible mistake, you must keep compatibility in mind. The form factor of a graphics card shows its size, width, and some other factors. And it is way more crucial than you reckon. So make sure that you are choosing the perfect thing which would fit the case you already own, have the right kind of power connectors, and have enough ports.

Best Graphics Cards at a glance:

  1. GeForce RTX 3080
  2. Radeon RX 6800 XT
  3. GeForce RTX 3090
  4. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  5. GeForce RTX 3070
  6. Radeon RX 6700 XT
  7. Radeon RX 6800
  8. Radeon RX 6900 XT

The Best Graphics Cards you can buy in 2022

GeForce RTX 3080 GeForce RTX 3080

Best 4K Graphics Card


GPU: NVIDIA | GPU Cores: 8704 | Boost Clock: 1815 MHz | Video RAM: 10GB | TDP: 300W

+ HDMI 2.1 + Supports ray tracing + 12-pin power adapter
- No RGB lights - No USB Type-C

GeForce RTX 3080 is a stunningly powerful beast exquisitely designed for die-hard gaming geeks and is one of the most robust and sturdy products. If we call this gorgeous thing the best graphics card of the current era, it would not be wrong. This product is a budget-friendly card that might not be so exciting for people who want an extreme performer but is good at handling much stress. RAM is just fine for most games and even for multitasking. Low TDP is another reason to consider this card seriously as it is not as power-hungry as some of its rivals. For those wanting the latest features, this product supports ray tracing and many more modern-day specifications.

Though it lacks RGB illumination, the overall design takes the look of the whole setup to another level and gives the environment a unique vibe that helps the gamer focus more. The number of cores plays a vital role in the performance, and this card has a lot of them, which qualify it for being the best 4K graphics card. Even if you play your favorite games simultaneously with all the settings turned up, this card will not wreak havoc in terms of thermal performance. If you spend your time in video editing or stuff like that, this card is a good match for these tasks. In a nutshell, this video card is an all-rounder which is capable enough to satisfy the user.

Radeon RX 6800 XT Radeon RX 6800 XT

Best AMD Graphics Card


GPU: AMD | GPU Cores: 4608 | Boost Clock: 2350 MHz | Video RAM: 16 GB | TDP: 300W

+ Low TDP + Best for 4K gaming + Allows enough overclocking
- No color effects - No GDDR6X memory

Radeon RX 6800 XT is one of the proud achievements of AMD. While manufacturing this card, the brand kept the low-key severe gamers in mind and provided them with almost all the bells and whistles that a card can hold at such an affordable price. A decade ago, there were not a lot of people who were into gaming. But now, that amount has multiplied by hundreds of thousands. AMD made a great effort in this regard and produced a product that the masses could afford. The manufacturers built it on a sturdy Navy 21 GPU, which significantly impacts gamers' performance. From what the consumers have been reporting, this card proves to be an off-the-charts product with all other modern specifications.

This card is an actual challenge to AMD’s old rival NVIDIA. It is why we call it the best video card for gaming. With its efficient cooler, this card delivers exceptional cooling performance. A gamer who wants his system to run cool under pressure won’t find anything better than this card. This GPU well deserves the best AMD graphics card title. As tech experts, we find it hard to find a flaw in this card that is a deal-breaker. 4k gaming isn’t a hard nut to crack ever since the company launched this product. As for looks, it does lack the RGB factor, but it looks pretty elegant nevertheless. So if you want something off-the-hook at a reasonable price, this product is spot-on the best one for you.

GeForce RTX 3090 GeForce RTX 3090

Best Graphics Card for Creators


GPU: NVIDIA | GPU Cores: 10496 | Boost Clock: 1700 GHz | Video RAM: 24GB | TDP: 350W

+ Good for 8k gaming + Efficient cooling system + Hushed and smooth operation
- Bulky and power-hungry - No anti-bending brackets

Since 4k gaming has come on to the scene, graphics cards have been a hot topic among gaming nerds. GeForce RTX 3090 is exclusively the most powerful graphics card of the modern-day. It took away the throne from other robust GPUs due to its sheer performance. If you are a serious gamer who is striving to win championships, nothing can outshine this product. For any sort of high-end game which demands quite some space and wants you to play it at high resolution, this card is the best GPU for gaming purposes. With its 24GB GDDR6X memory which is the fastest yet, this product leaves no reason to hate it. This card is the best companion for programmers who put a lot of burden on their systems.

There are a few things to consider carefully before choosing his card, such as its size. It is not something that will fit easily in any case and system. So make sure that you measure the physical space your case offers, so you don’t regret such a fancy purchase. Nothing is perfect, but we consider this card nearly perfect for gamers and content creators without any favor. This product is labeled the best graphics card for creators for all the right reasons. The price is somewhat high, and not all users can get their hands on it since the supply is limited compared to demand. But this price tag is justified if you are a professional gamer who needs to win at any cost.

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Best Bang for the Buck Graphics Card


GPU: NVIDIA | GPU Cores: 4864 | Boost Clock: 1670GHz | Video RAM: 8GB | TDP: 200 W

+ Improved DLSS + Aesthetically pleasing + Excellent ray tracing performance
- No wide availability - No commendable performance at 4k

Everyone in these days of inflation is hardly making both ends meet. At times like this, it has gotten even harsher for the gamers to get what they want at moderate prices. Graphics cards, precisely, have gotten more expensive over the past few years. So NVIDIA took a commendable step and manufactured the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. This card is minimalist but is the king of graphics. No matter how modest its design is, the performance it demonstrates is classy and praiseworthy. The ray-tracing performance is undoubtedly impressive. It even beats some of the products, which cost way more than it. RAM is not much but is okay for mid-tier gaming. Some games display this card better than many other products.

This product is worth picking as the best video card for gaming requirements on a low budget or basic needs. We would not exaggerate its gaming performance. Overall it is pretty satisfactory. However, at 4k, it is not as good as you might expect from such a huge brand. For entry-level, it would work fine on 4k too. Regardless of all these things, it is undoubtedly the best bang for the buck graphics card that you can ever opt for in this era of technology. This card is quite wholesome as it reaches our expectations in all areas. Looks-wise, it is pretty attractive. The 12-pin power connector is a little unappealing, but does the power connector look matters with all the qualities mentioned above?

GeForce RTX 3070 GeForce RTX 3070

Best 1440p Graphics Card


GPU: NVIDIA | GPU Cores: 5888 | Boost Clock: 1730 MHz | Video RAM: 8GB | TDP: 240W

+ Supports HDMI 2.1 + Premium ray tracing + Includes a compact cooler
- No physical BIOS switch - No 12-pin power connector

You might have heard about the GeForce RTX 3070 a couple of hundred times. You might have always heard of how terrific this product is, haven’t you? There are a lot of graphics cards out in the market now, and it is not easy to find one that matches the requirements of your usage and the looks of your setup. You either have to search a lot or spend a lot to get the best video card for gaming. Gaming requires specific features, and not all cards have them. The build quality is reliable and sturdy. And it is embellished with the latest specifications; thus, it is future-proof. This thing is not huge, and the cooler is the same, so it won’t be an issue to adjust it in the PC case for most people.

The most common issue regarding gaming is overheating. Since gamers tend to overload their systems, they need products that do not go crazy under stress. This card is the best 1440p graphics card which runs cool and does not let the heat affect the gamer’s performance on the battlefield. The TDP, also known as the thermal design power of this card, is very low, which means it does not require much power to run. This card is much more pocket-friendly than many others. It lacks a 12-pin power connector and a BIOS switch. That’s a pity but considering this card’s mediocre nature, that’s acceptable. It looks pretty good even without the flashy RGB lighting. That’s a good point for those who are not interested in striking looks and focus more on performance.

Radeon RX 6700 XT Radeon RX 6700 XT

Best Performance Graphics Card


GPU: AMD | GPU Cores: 2560 | Boost Clock: 2581 MHz | Video RAM: 12GB | TDP: 230 W

+ 12GB VRAM + Outstanding 1440p performance + Enough headroom for overclocking
- No DLSS - Runs comparatively hotter than others

Have you ever thought of owning something wee but strong enough to handle many chores at once? If so, this card is the right fit for you. Radeon RX 6700 XT has got to be the best performance graphics card out of all the graphics cards. To our surprise, it costs less than almost all the mid-tier products for gamers who want to create a tremendous impact on their performances; this card does a great job. As we discussed earlier, the more the RAM, the better. This card has 12GB of video RAM, which is more than enough for average gamers and is suitable for serious gamers. As experts, we recommend this card to everyone new to gaming and those who spend a few hours consecutively on games.

From the number of cores to the TDP watts, everything is worth spending your hard-earned money on it. A card like this is undoubtedly the best GPU for gaming and other tasks. This GPU is a hotshot among multitaskers as it can handle multiple things at one time. AMD has put the effort in the right direction and manufactured a masterpiece on a low-key. However, its thermal performance did not impress us. It runs rather hot, and fans are a little noisy too. If you are unbothered by that, nothing else can be a deal-breaker for you, and you can go for this card. The price and performance will surely take the edge off the minor issues.

Radeon RX 6800 Radeon RX 6800

Best Ray-Tracing Graphics Card


GPU: AMD | GPU Cores: 3840 | Boost Clock: 2105 MHz | Video RAM: 16GB | TDP: 250 Watts

+ PCI-E 4.0 + AMD FidelityFX + Radeon Anti-Lag
- Noisy fans - No 3D graphics potential

Radeon RX 6800 is a powerful monster that keeps the user satisfied with its surpassing performance. Our experts have analyzed, and the consumers have stated that this card is the best ray-tracing graphics card. The gamers who are head over heels for their games can spend ages playing, and this card would not cause even the slightest chaos. The effortless functioning and chock-a-block with the latest features make this card the most suitable option for millions of gamers. As for being a top-end card, this product ticks all the boxes and triumphs in this area. DX11 performance is out of the world, and aesthetics are a real treat to the eyes. But there are a few setbacks as well.

The power consumption might be troublesome at times. It might not be as good at controlling temperature as it is in other horizons. For running cool under stress, this card does its best, but the fans which make it possible might be a tiny bit annoying to some users. They make a weird noise which causes disturbance. So if you are someone who prefers working in a calm environment with no distractions, you need to mind this point before choosing this graphics card. Other than that, this product is the best GPU for gaming. No matter what resolution you play at, this card is going to be a tower of strength for your gaming system. The pros are more considerable than the few cons, so that you can give it a go.

Radeon RX 6900 XT Radeon RX 6900 XT

Best Fastest Graphics Card


GPU: AMD | GPU Cores: 5120 | Boost Clock: 2365 MHz | Video RAM: 16GB | TDP: 300 watt

+ Best for AAA gaming + DirectX® 12 Ultimate + Radeon Image Sharpening
- No AI acceleration - No DLSS equivalent

Next up, the final product of this list is the world-class GPU named Radeon RX 6900 XT. This brilliant thing has pleased the overclocking fans as the headroom it will provide you with is a boon. If you adore playing at 4k, this card might be your stroke of luck. The overall build quality, performance, and power consumption are a divine effort of AMD. We call it the best fastest graphics card because of its faultless RAM and the tip-top thermal performance that helps run smoothly without any particular hurdles. If we were to mention a personal favorite, this card would be it, as it holds so much to make you happy with your purchase. The more you use it, the more of it wonders you discover.

Let’s nitpick a bit now. Well, this best video card for gaming indeed brought raytracing to the mainstream. Nonetheless, The raytracing performance of this card could improve, and that’s for sure. The lack of nothing like DLSS in this product is genuinely disappointing. Apart from these issues, there is nothing much to snob about and be disappointed. So let’s get back to its overall traits. The looks are a class of their own but what’s beneath the surface is far more captivating. Wouldn’t it be nice to play enthusiastically or to work professionally in calm and tranquil surroundings? Most of us would love the feel, right? So this product here is excellent news. It is the quietest graphics card which no other card can beat. Being the fastest GPU ever, it conquers all of its competitors singlehandedly.


Why in the world do you need a graphics card? It is okay to game or do programming without a graphics card or with an ordinary one. However, if you want to push your performance to the very next level, you must opt for a robust graphics card. A PC builder who has a knack for turning up all the settings and opting for the most incredible performance regardless of gaming or another demanding task would always want the best components. So, of course, the graphics card he chooses must be up to the mark and worth the fortune it costs. Everyone needs a reliable product to keep going as long as possible and deliver an utterly excellent performance. Gamers these days are way more concerned than past. Especially those who have chosen it as a profession and are looking forward to winning worldwide e-sports titles need perfect components for their gaming setups.

So we decided to come up with the graphics card which is in raging vogue these days due to their utmost performance. Not only all of these are the top ones in the market but also the most powerful ones. We have narrowed down the list of best graphics cards in buying guide so that you don’t have to waste time pondering over what to buy, and you can handpick the most suitable one at a go. No matter how confused you were regarding going with NVIDIA or AMD, we are pretty sure that after going through this article, you are now able to reach a conclusion and a product that fits all your needs. A card like this would be better for the gamers who play on a minimalist level and do not want a powerful beast, while it is for those who want an excellent fit for their lavish and stupendous gaming setups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which graphic card is best for gaming?

Radeon RX 6800 is through and through the best graphics card. From all aspects, it bears the crown of being the top GPU of these times. With its 16GBs of video RAM, this exceptional thing will rock the gaming arena. One can play his favorite games without being worried about lagging or storage issues and can win titles. The low TDP of this card shows its humble nature. The design is shipshape and unique.

What is the best graphics card ever made?

A card that delivers decent FPS and does not ruin the image pixels keeps the temperature at a moderate level, and improves the gaming performance is right here on hand. Yes, it is the renowned GeForce RTX 3090 by NVIDIA. Not only this card outwitted the rivals as soon as the company unveiled it, but it also managed to put its predecessors to shame due to its outpacing performance. With a little to complain about, this card bears the specifications, enough to leave the user awestruck. But of course, such a paragon doesn’t come at a low cost.

Is Nvidia better than AMD?

Both the brands are top ones in the tech market, and you cannot have their one-on-one competition as they differ in many aspects. NVIDIA fans are aware that their products have been more feature-filled than other brands for the past few years. In terms of DLSS and ray tracing, NVIDIA has outshined AMD. On the contrary, AMD takes the lead when it comes to manufacturing consumer-friendly products. The price to performance ratio is also far better than NVIDIA. One of everyones' favorite Radeon RX 6700 XT is the perfect example to prove this point.

Why are GPU prices so high?

Gaming has never been so easy on gamers’ pockets as it requires the latest features and high-end products. GPUs enhance gamers’ performance by many folds. A GPU gives the extra edge and enables the user to perform beyond all extents. The VRAM provides enough space for the games to store the gamer’s settings and additional data while playing. The cooler ensures that the system does not overheat. The good news is, you can now have a GPU for a low price and with all the fanciness and additional features. The legendry GeForce RTX 3060 Ti by NVIDIA is a financial product that does not compromise on performance.