Best LGA 1700 motherboards

An Intel microprocessor can work with Alder Lake chipset and Raptor lake desktop CPU. If you are fond of the best performance of the generation Intel Core processor, you will surely need the best LGA 1700 motherboard. This motherboard supports 13th gen CPUs and uses up to 4 DIMMs slots for DDR5 modules with up to DDR5-6300 memory speed. Alder lake chips do the best with the best Z690 motherboard. These motherboards are now the talk of the town and are in demand. Without a motherboard, you can neither build a new computer nor take advantage of the latest generation of Intel Processor. After a long journey of a couple of years, the best motherboard successfully dominated the desktop CPU market. LGA 1700 motherboards with the support of DDR5 memory and PCI 5.0 unlock the new level of performance and features in the Silicon space.

The Z690 chipset is relatively new in the market combined with the best 1700 motherboard. Here we have elaborated a list of best motherboards to add ease to your life while shopping. You can get any best motherboard for i5 12600K due to its brilliant output in gaming with its latest powerful GPUs and ten physical hybrid cores. But if you have to build a high-end CPU with more features than others, go with the best motherboard for i7 12700K to get gaming at 1440p (2k resolution) and the best output under full load. It is not difficult to get a great motherboard compatible with the series while remembering your preferences and keeping them in mind. Pick the option that allows overclocking with the best motherboard for i9 12900K proving adequate cooling and meeting your expectations. A motherboard should have the right graphics cards, essential chipset, and desired CPU socket to provide the best choice with no hurdle.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Everyone needs the motherboard to build a new PC for gaming and professional work. So everyone must know about essential factors regarding LGA 1700.

DDR4 or DDR5: You must decide whether you need DDR5 or DDR4 because they are not backward compatible before selecting a motherboard. The overclocking option can enhance DDR5’s double stock data rates more than DDR and offer higher capacity DIMMS. Because of mature Technology, DDR5 is much better than DDR4. It faces lower timings at initial release; in this memory type, more clock cycles occur per second.

Connectivity Options: The number of USB ports comes first in these options. Get a motherboard that provides your desired USB ports compatible with speed. Z690 provides most USB ports and USB 3.2 1x1 (5gbps) and USB 3.2 2x1 (10 Gbps) speeds. Also, check if you get your desired outputs; otherwise, you will have to buy a separate PCIe or USB sound card. Choose the motherboard with a port supporting optical input if your audio system requires it. Or consider Central speaker ports if you want to use a surround sound system.

Form Factor: Usually, ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ATX are the leading form doctors for the motherboard. ATX motherboard supports eight expansion cards, eliminating extra graphics cards and fitting in full-size CPUs. With half of the size of ATX, micro ATX delivers the same performance. Mini ATX and Micro ATX have just three expansion cards and fit in smaller computer PCs. But Mini ATX and micro ATX do not support many storage devices and come with fewer PCIe slots and few Ram slots.

RAM Support: The type of random access memory matters greatly, and the memory slot decides how much RAM a computer can handle. Some may support many slots and allow you to upgrade the RAM according to future needs. Pick the product with a dual-nature configuration and maximum clock speed. The fastest storage is NVMe M.2 cards. Z690 and H670 chipsets come with most x4 NVMe M.2 slots because of PCIe 4.0 lane support.

Best LGA 1700 motherboards at a glance:

  1. MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi
  2. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro
  3. ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi
  4. MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WiFi
  5. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Formula
  6. ASUS ROG Strix B660-A
  7. ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E
  8. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master

The Best LGA 1700 motherboards You Can Buy Today

MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi

best lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: MSI | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe | Compatible Devices: Personal Computer | Item Weight: 4.84 Pounds

+ Wi-Fi 6E + Plentiful USB ports + Five M.2 PCIe slots
- No Thunderbolt 4 - Basic onboard audio

MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi is a standard Z690 motherboard due to solid features and M.2 slots. The motherboard is often built for general-purpose platforms and enhances specific purposes such as gaming and networking. It delivers average but suitable power circuitry, audio system, overlocking, and networking features. But the product Shine with a storage Area and five PCIe M.2 slots. The user-friendly BIOS and easy-built-out process are the main features of the best LGA 1700 motherboard. MPG lets you build a system with six scattered stat III ports on the surface and high-speed storage. It is one of the best products in the last couple of years, having a dark color scheme and Dragon scale ATX.

The RGB LEDs are eliminated behind the Dragon logo and all over its surface. The product has large heat sinks and is heavy like other premium motherboards. Large heat sinks avoid overheating and provide cooling with 275 amp power phases. These power drivers are the optimum choice to handle any LGA 1700 processor. The item is a networking device that supports a maximum speed of 15 Gbps and a Z690 chipset with an integrated Wi-Fi controller to handle 2.4 Gbps bandwidth. The top-notch design of this MSI MPG and 2 DIMM solution is responsible for providing world-class memory performance. It ensures the safety of m.2 SSDs by Shield browser design and prevents throttling.

Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro

best overall lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: Gigabyte | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 5. O | Compatible Devices: Personal Computers | Item Weight: 5.08 Pounds

+ PCIe 5.0 + 90A power for VRM + High-speed Ethernet
- No WI-FI 6E - No built-in LED lights

Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro has all the right features needed for a user, covering all the basics with ample storage options. The AORUS Pro includes an updated audio system and four M.2 circuits threw a new appearance. Whopping 13 total USB ports, overbuilt VRMs, and premium Realtek audio codec are the features in the best overall LGA 1700 motherboard that enthusiasts prefer. As a solid base option, it is a favorite product among people who do not need integrated RGBs, and Wi-Fi 6E is fully-featured. The product offers 2.5Gbe, fast networking with Wi-Fi 6, and an updated appearance to users. Its new look makes it a fantastic and unique package with grey-on-black heat sinks.

The sky-high performance from the POV-Ray benchmark and RAM bandwidth is on the list of fully-featured products. The Auros Pro’s box provides many accessories such as screws, a Wi-Fi antenna, and SATA cables. We will recommend it as the best 1700 motherboard for you for the 12th Gen build due to its latest BIOS, a lot of USB ports, and faster GPU. It will please you because of its performance by 10G LAN. The version is out of class with these essential features and effective heat sinks, keeping it cool during heavy tasking and workloads. Additionally, temperature sensor headers control the cooling system in a better way.

ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi

best compact lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCI-E | Compatible Devices: Personal Computers | Item Weight: 3.1 pounds

+ Premium audio + Q-Release for GPU + Best Mini-ITX option for Z690
- No easy air cooler selection - Just a little improvement over DDR4

ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi has a small form factor supporting a 10+1 power design, a beefy cooling solution, and an interconnect. The black color cooling design is a premium and refined product among many options. Billions of metal elements help maintain cooling and enthusiasts, a weighty motherboard. The ROG Strix provides a notable feature in a sturdy-looking cardboard box featuring key specifications. The support of PCI 5.0 and DDR5 to the best compact LGA 1700 motherboard provide overlocking, cooling networking, and noise cancellation system. Its High-quality alloy chokes with ProColl II power solution help support multi-core processors.

The elegant heatsink helps cool the working best alder lake motherboard and also supports HDMI 2.0 along with DisplayPort. The product is the backbone for the gamers due to boosted power delivery, innovative cooling utility, and mini ATX form factor. It is the perfect and compact platform for those who want to pursue ultimate performance from the 12th Gen CPU. You will get industry-leading gaming using high-fidelity audio, ALC 4080, and DTS sound unbound. They have equipped it with new ID design RGB headers and Gen2 addressable header for best output. The product is PC DIY friendly due to safe DIMMs, pre-mount I/O shield, and BIOS flashback.


best budget lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: MSI | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 4 | Compatible Devices: Personal Computer | Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds

+ ATX form factor + Sufficient power phase + 128GB memory support
- No built-in Wi-Fi - Average M.2 cooling

MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WiFi represents a pathway to the Z690 chipset with many features and gaming-focus results. The professional-looking strip attracts the user’s tension because of the rear panel cover. The product is built for professional users and is fully functional, but it does not support integrated RGB LED lighting. Regarding PCIe, support for the MSI includes a full-length PCI-E 5.0×16 slot and two full-length PCIe 3.0. The storage option supports three PCIe 4.0×4 M.2 slots and 6 SATA ports. It shares the core feature set and aesthetic, including a primarily black color theme.

The MSI Pro can support a maximum combined capacity of 128 GB and one PCIe 3.0×4 M.2 slots. The support of DDR5 memory gives this the best budget LGA 1700 motherboard speeds up to 5600 (OC)MHz. The built-in extended heatsink design and m.2 Shield Frozer help it work nonstop and keep the system cool. The manufacturers have paired it with one DisplayPort 1.4 video output. This classy item helps the user work smartly and get an efficient and productive experience. Plus, it features stable functionality and high-quality assembly with 2.4 G Lane and Intel Wi-Fi 6E solution.

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Formula ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Formula

best Premium lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 5 | Compatible Devices: Windows | Item Weight: 9.95 Pounds

+ Ease of build feature + Swiveling M.2 mounts + Twin thunderbolt four ports
- No DDL - No legacy ports

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Formula has a moonlight white color scheme compatible with 12th gen Intel core processors and Windows 11. The intelligent control of Maximus Z690 provides exclusive overclocking, cooling, and networking tools and makes the configuration easy for noise cancellation. Its networking technology includes onboard Wi-Fi 6E, Asus language,d, and Marvell AQtion 10GB ethernet connections. Due to optimal thermal design, it stands out as the best alder lake motherboard having 20+1 teamed power stages related to 105A. The MicroFine alloy and premium metallic capacitors are its power solutions.

The higher VRM loads of 12th Gen CPUs are coped with the help of CrossChill EK III VRM block and EK water block of the best Premium LGA 1700 motherboard. It is one of the ROG items designed with moonlight white finish armor. The other features of ROG Maximus include hyper M.2 cards with a heat sink and a water cooling zone, giving high performance. As we have seen above, it supports full connectivity and extreme performance. In addition, it provides gaming immersion using a wide range of technology and a high-performance chipset. The product includes thermal pads and dual backplates embedded with triple M.2 heat sinks.

ASUS ROG Strix B660-A ASUS ROG Strix B660-A

best b660 lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 4.0 | Compatible Devices: Personal computers | Item Weight: 4.44 Pounds

+ Q-Latch + Internal header + BIOS flashback
- High power usage - No SATA-based M.2 support

ASUS ROG Strix B660-A copes with heating issues and delivers optimized cooling in demand of the influential 12th Generation Intel Core processor. The product is neat and white clean gaming gear with Wi-Fi 6 and PCIe 5.0. The wide range of storage and super-fast transfer speeds are ready to welcome the user with a white and silver scheme color and boosted power delivery. This Intel LGA 1700 socket is the best b660 LGA 1700 motherboard with Pentium gold and Celeron 12th Gen intel core processors. It also has three onboard M.2 heatsinks to support the cooling system.

Intel 2.5 GB Ethernet and onboard intel Wi-Fi 6 and ASUS LaneGuard ensure the product’s high-performance networking. B660-A provides the user with two-way noise cancellation to simplify the setup and improve video output. The gaming connectivity options include HDMI 2.1, three M.2 slots, and USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 type-c. This item has 12 + 1 power stages, a ProCool power connector, and a durable capacitor to support multi-core processors. In the RGB header of ASUS, three addressable Gen2 headers will provide you unmatched personalization and exclusive AURA sync RGB lighting.

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E

best z690 lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 5.0 | Compatible Devices: Personal Computers | Item Weight: 6 Pounds

+ Ample storage options + 12 total rear USB ports + PCIe 5.0 x4 M.2 socket
- No U.2 ports - No internal button

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E is one of the circuits with integrated 5.0 m.2, boosted power delivery, and the latest Realtek audio codec. Its appearance design can fit any build theme, and a whopping 12 rear USB ports provide more than enough connectivity options. With average gaming performance, this gear is the best z690 LGA 1700 motherboard and ATX form factor that can shift in any higher-sized CPU. The product supports 12th generation AlderLake processors with additional features than previous models and PCIe 5.0 connectivity support. The improved phase control and output support higher core-count processors.

This gaming product includes the expected basics ROG hyper M.2 card as an additional M.2 drive. Its prominent features are the black-on-black appearance and branding highlighted on the IO cover. VRM heatsinks provide a large and heavy look and do a great job cooling the power bits below. Overall it is a good-looking and premium product and would prove the best LGA 1700 motherboard choice for the Z690-based build system. Z690-E uses a pre-installed IO plate, functional BiOS flashback, and HDMI port. There are three full-length PCIe slots in the middle of the board, a Q release button to release the PCIe slot, and Q-code LED for specific details.

Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master

best overclocking lga 1700 motherboard


Brand: Gigabyte | CPU Socket: LGA 1700 | RAM Memory Technology: DDR5 | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Graphics Card Interface: PCIe 5.0 | Compatible Devices: Personal Computers | Item Weight: 7 Pounds

+ Appealing aesthetics + Functional armor cooling + Excels at gaming and workstation
- No wi-fi 6E - Last Gen audio codec

Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master offers overbuilt VRMs, 10GbE, and an updated premium appearance. Its built-in 105A power delivery has five M.2 sockets for maximum output. It has the most capable VRMs and wi-fi 6E connectivity, providing an excellent base for your new build system. With the generic and premium appearance along with M.2 socket count and solid gaming performance, it is the best 1700 motherboard that offers better performance than others. The box of AORUS Master includes G-connector, microphone, wi-fi antenna, and all other essential utilities. The overclockable AlderLake board is the new king of gaming with an updated features list.

The design of black 8-layer PCB, VRM heatsinks with second RGB lighting, and attractive aesthetic change make it the best overclocking LGA 1700 motherboard. Its RGB lighting leaves a good impact without distorting the attention from the rest of the build system. The product is built for solid gaming performance, overclocking adventures and two headers for additional RGB give the item a superior look. Plentiful connectivity options, including 11 on the rear IO area and a 24-pin ATX connector for board power on the right edge of the board, make it among the best choice in the market full of featured options.


The motherboard is an essential part of your computer in which all other components harmonize and create a whole system. CPU, GPU, hard drive, and other regions cannot do work without it. Motherboard’s functionality depends on it, so it should carry an optical drive video card SSD or HDD and a processor for perfect output. Without a motherboard, no part can work. The motherboard replacement is not an easy task because of its tricky disassembly, so it is almost irreplaceable in laptops. Its most important components are CPU and GP and accessible gaming. The best quality gaming goals are achieved by the CPU being the primary thing of the best alder lake motherboard. Its essential efficiency helps in data statistics in different electrical devices, and BIOS increases the clock speed of the cooling processor and results in efficient fastest performance.

You will face the need for an LG 1700 chipset for the best working of the 12th Generation Intel Core processor. Purchase a product with overclocking features to overclock the 12th generation CPU, and Z690 motherboards support CPU overclocking for new configurations. You must have a new cooler or upgrading kit. The LGA 1700 circuit has replaced LGA 1200, memory type if it supports DDR4 or DDR5, overclocking DDR memory support, and integrated graphics card to fix graphics card problems. It should support PCIe lanes and the fastest NVMe. We believe ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E is the best option with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support. However, another excellent option is ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi best mini ATX with 64GB memory storage. One should buy it carefully to enhance communication between the processor and other components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LGA 1700 support DDR4?

LGA 1700 supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules. It is an exclusive option for Z690 boards with many opportunities. ASUS ROG Strix B660-A supports a DDR4 memory module, and its optimized thermal design consists of VRM heatsinks, integrated IO cover, and high conductivity thermal pads. It is the best choice for gamers as it has a lot of gaming connectivity for detailed and non-stop gaming.

What is the LGA 1700 socket motherboard?

LGA 1700 socket consists of ultrafast M.2 connectivity and Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet. This microprocessor comes with a package full of high-density contacts and is superior to PGA-based CPUs. MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi is LGA based motherboard, a solid option, and M.2 slots for ample storage options.

Does LGA 1700 support DDR5?

LGA 1700 is fully compatible with DDR5 with up to four DIMM slots and memory speed up to DDR5-6300. The DDR5 supporting Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master motherboard is one of the options with VRMs, generic looks, and many connectivity options needed for maximum output. It also offers wi-fi 6e connectivity, overclocking features, and RGB lighting options.

What does LGA 1700 support?

LGA 1700 is supporting AlderLaker and 12th generation Raptor LAke CPUs. These motherboards have replaced LGA 1200 processors. MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WiFi is designed for professional and multimedia use and delivers secure, stable, fast network connections. You can enjoy maximum performance along with NVMe-based SSDs if you get them.