The Best motherboards for Ryzen 9 7900X

AMD continues its legacy of bringing something innovative into the tech market and introducing the next-generation features in its products. One of its proud productions with unbeatable performance is the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X (Amazon). This Zen 4 desktop processor comes with 12 cores and 24 threads to prepare your computer for extreme gaming. Its maximum speed to boost the clock is up to 5.6 GHz, and the base clock rate is 4.7 GHz. As a further push, the product comes unlocked with overclocking properties utilizing AMD Expo technology to overclock the memory chips. You may think the thermal power generated due to overclocking may hamper its working flair, but it does not bother heating up to 95 degrees centigrade and keeps on working optimally.

Now put this beastly device into work, and undoubtedly you need a similar setup that includes a motherboard, RAM, GPU, hard drive, and power supplies. This guide will only address items that are all-rounder in their performance and specifications to reinforce this power-packed processor. The next-generation products in town, the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 7900X, can help you achieve this target. These gears utilize the X670 chipset and PCI-E support for the most speedy ports, such as x4 and x16. Their flawless connectivity, premium cooling mechanism, latest audio codec, and extreme personalization options add more weight to their acceptability. Below are some of our recommended items, as we have found them performing well owing to their numerous power phases.

The best motherboards for Ryzen 9 7900X at a glance:

  1. ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme
  2. GIGABYTE X670E Aorus Xtreme
  3. ASUS ROG Strix X670E-I Gaming WiFi
  4. ASUS TUF Gaming X670-E PLUS WiFi
  5. Gigabyte X670 AORUS Elite AX

The best motherboards for Ryzen 9 7900X you can buy in 2022

ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme

Best Overall


Brand: ASUS | Socket: AM5 & LGA 1718 | Chipset: X670 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 22 | PCIe x16: 2 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 years

+ AMD Expo technology + 10 Gbps Ethernet support + Dual channel DDR5 memory
- No LAN chipset - Requires a PCIe power cable

One of the products in the ROG series, the ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme, is in the town with sustained ROG greatness and tech-savvy features. It comfortably supports AMD Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPU and bears the roughest workloads. Some of the bleeding-edge technologies in this fantastic motherboard help it stand out where its opponents fall back. Starting from premium cooling mechanisms, seamless connectivity and customizable displays are all the remarkable qualities this product recruits to inspire the users. Gaming specifications are more detailed and fun with the matchless DDR5 memory, AMD socket AM5, and extended bandwidth with PCIe 5.0 compatibility.

The product is open to overclocking features and personalization. Several innovative tools, such as Intelligent Control, AI Suite 3, and BIOS, are available to complete authority over every aspect of your device. Besides, DDR5 memory is unlocked for a further performance boost, utilizing overclocking tweaks and AMD Expo technology. This technology helps you achieve a fast speed for entering games and reduces loading time.

Several cornerstones of the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 7900X help extract the maximum output from your DDR5 modules, including comprehensive memory tuning options. Moreover, it brings long-lasting solutions to the issues generated due to excessive heat compiling in the system, such as thermal throttling and noise. The extensive structure of heatsinks does not overcome the concern of developers; therefore, every M.2 comprises a heatsink around it. This conscious approach ensures unassailable performance that keeps the system composed and quiet and maintains its working capacity without external or internal interference.

GIGABYTE X670E Aorus Xtreme GIGABYTE X670E Aorus Xtreme

Best Runner-up


Brand: GIGABYTE | Socket: AM5 & LGA 1718 | Chipset: X670 | Form Factor: E-ATX | Voltage Regulator: 22 | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 years

+ Quad NVMe x4 M.2 + Smart Fan 6 features + GIGABYTE Control Center
- Only one x16 PCIe 5.0 slot - No support for ECC memory

GIGABYTE’s flagship gear, the GIGABYTE X670E Aorus Xtreme, is all set on the new platform and allows users to avail of all of the next-generation features with its top-end chipset. It is specifically designed to support the best Ryzen 7000 processors, with one of the most prominent inclusion being the widespread usage of PCIe 5.0. It further boosts performance with dual-channel DDR5 memory and several power phases, enabling overclocking. A GPU upgrade in the system is made much easier with this product because of the availability of an x 16 slot which best supports the latest generation cards.

Moreover, it comprises 5 PCIe 5.0 slots, out of which four are allocated to new SSD cards. This feature again assures easy future upgrades for PC enthusiasts, which might not be possible with other options. Looking at its aesthetics and sleek design, we think it can blend very well with any black theme. Users can control the lighting effects with an animated display IO cover and RGB fusion. This chic combination of vibrant RGB colors and unique style gives an extra flair to your new build.

When pushing your CPU to maximum, some motherboards can not cope with the extended limits of high overclocking and mess up by compiling heat and becoming unstable. This X670 product is purposefully developed to support overclocking and tackle heat accumulation. Its 22 power phases keep the system stable when you exceed its workload limits. The number of power phases is not exceptional compared to its competitors, but they are good enough to handle overclocking and minimize heat effects.

ASUS ROG Strix X670E-I Gaming WiFi ASUS ROG Strix X670E-I Gaming WiFi

Best Mini-ITX


Brand: ASUS | Socket: AM5 & LGA 1718 | Chipset: X670 | Form Factor: Mini-ITX | Voltage Regulator: 12 | PCI x16: 1 | USB Ports: 10 | Warranty: 3 years

+ M.2 Q-Latch + ROG FPS-II card + Two USB 4 Type-C ports
- No multi-GPU support - No extended heatsinks

The ASUS ROG Strix X670E-I Gaming WiFi sums up all the latest tech into a mini-ITX footprint and puts them forward to your fingertips. Some top-end options are all geared in this tiny box which seeks the attention of overclockers and gives you the best value money can ever deliver. In addition to multiple ports, it supports USB 4 and Wi-Fi 6 modular to brace seamless connectivity. A newly supported standard PCI-E 5.0 design enables easy and fast upgrades to more competitive GPU and SSD chips, which would otherwise be not so convenient.

It is furnished with two 5.0 slots, which are dual. One is x4 to support an SSD card, while the other is an x16 slot to house a GPU. This ROG product is impressive in appearance and overall design, with minimalistic and RGB effects ingrained over a smaller form factor. Its shimmering black design comprises many excellent elements on the entire frame, such as many ROG logos on the rear IO panel and the SSD heatsink. But the sheer size of this circuit board limits some of its aspects. You would not see an extended network of heatsinks across its case due to space curtailment.

But the product offers enhanced cooling on the VRMs and a massive heatsink around the M.2 slot for the SSD chip. But if you house a powerful SSD in this slot, it could create thermal problems. Undoubtedly, this form factor benefits you with portability but also drives you to compromise on some attributes. For multi-GPU users, mini-ITX size is out of the question, as it swanks only one PCIe x16 slot. However, the AMD X670 chipset, DDR5 memory, and dynamic clocking deliver supreme performance and make it a top-end product.

ASUS TUF Gaming X670-E PLUS WiFi ASUS TUF Gaming X670-E PLUS WiFi

Best Mid-Range


Brand: ASUS | Socket: AM5 & 1718 | Chipset: X670 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 16 | PCI x16: 2 | USB Ports: 12 | Warranty: 3 years

+ Four M.2 slots + 256 Mb Flash ROM + WiFi 6E & TUF LANGuard
- No BT 5.3 - No 10 Gbps LAN

The ASUS TUF Gaming X670-E PLUS WiFi comes with the TUF gaming line-up’s identity flexing a rugged grey and black color combination with slight yellow contrast to give a refined touch. This entire series is defined by geometric design elements that ascertain stability and proven durability. Its PCB layer is equipped with large black heatsinks, which are further glorified with TUF gaming motifs and an integrated I/O panel. The extensive presence of heatsinks depicts the motherboard is targeted for powerful gaming, as three out of four M.2 slots comprise a heatsink.

Several VRM heatsinks with a modest size and an oversized heatsink for calming the dual chipset X670 are also embedded in the main board. For gaming enthusiasts, it might be a question that the product features only a single PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, which puts constraints on adding multiple GPUs. However, as a compensatory effort, this port comes with ASUS’s Safeslot update, adding strength to support a single but heavy graphics card. Moreover, it also ensures added stability for all of the four M.2 drive slots. The traditional approach to lock a drive in its place utilizes screw pins, which this circuit board has denied and replaced with the Q-Latch feature. Now users can experience a toolless installation of their cards.

With all the crucial elements required to support AMD Ryzen 7000 processors, upgraded power solution, and DDR5 memory, this pocket-friendly item exceeds your gaming expectations. Its components are combined utilizing military-grade construction and passed through rigorous endurance testing to certify a rugged build surpassing its rivals' potential. In close collaboration with Realtek, it forms a unique audio codec Realtek 7.1 Surround sound, ensuring pristine audio quality and adjusting the headphones' volume range. Pair a TUF X670 item with Ryzen 7000 CPUs and overclock its DDR5 memory with the AMD Expo feature to get unparalleled performance in marathon gaming.

Gigabyte X670 AORUS Elite AX Gigabyte X670 AORUS Elite AX

Best Value


Brand: GIGABYTE | Socket: AM5 & LGA 1718 | Chipset: AMD X670 | Form Factor: ATX | Voltage Regulator: 20 | PCIe x16: 3 | USB Ports: 22 | Warranty: 5 years

+ Windows 10 & 11 support + Plenty of high-speed rear IO ports + Utilizes AMD CrossFire technology
- No ESD Guard - Only two M.2 connectors

The Gigabyte X670 AORUS Elite AX motherboard is the only motherboard in the series to have an X670 chipset with new features. These products will grab the limelight and become the most popular option for performance. VRM power phases have not reduced and sustained the long-built overclocking capabilities. Its 20 power regulators help overclock the CPU.  This item supports PCI-E 5.0 design but is very limited in capacity.

It offers only one PCIe 5.0 compatible port configured only for SSD cards and can not be used to house new GPUs. But if you are not concerned with a GPU upgrade, this lack of 5.0 compatibility would not bother you anyways. The networking capacities are consistent with the attributes of AMD motherboards offering 2.5 gigabit LAN speed and Wi-Fi 6E. However, there is a compromise on some high-speed ports, particularly Type-C options, whereas other ports are seemingly rich in numbers.

Both the front and back panels have multiple USB 3.2 ports, and if they are not enough to meet your connection requirements, you can also avail of USB 2.0 ports. Moreover, the product offers many usability features which prevent you from going through hectic processes. One such feature is EZ-Latch, which helps you tightly secure any drive without requiring screws. Aesthetically, the approach Gigabyte adopted is minimalistic and impressive if we look at the motherboard. It reduces visible lighting on the front panel and limits it underneath heatsinks and IO plates directed towards the top of the item.


The latest CPUs of AMD, the Ryzen 7000 series, has been released and urged the need for pairing devices that comfortably work with it. That is why we can see a mass of new products with the next generation features and sharp-edge technologies, like power supplies, RAM, and motherboards. These processors are designed to take performance to the fresh spike of thrill and amazement; therefore, only top-performing components can run parallel to them. In this guide, we have highlighted some top-notch items, including an X670 chipset, AM5 socket, and the latest PCI-E 5.0 design, which is future-proof.

Their numerous VRM power phases, efficient cooling system, standard storage options, and spacious case to welcome new upgrades have set a new trend for the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 7900X. The X670 chipset delivers blazing performance, and the PCI-E 5.0 support is the most significant and is extended to multiple ports like x16 and x4. We recommend keen gamers to go for X670 if they are more eager for a graphics-intensive setup and always welcome upgrades. Another option for extracting more performance is to overclock dual-channel DDR5 memory and step into the world of marathon gaming.