Retaining the Cooler Compatibility, Intel LGA1851 is the successor of LGA1700

LGA1851 will be the next-generation desktop socket by the legendary manufacturer Intel. The next generation socket will have identical dimensions to the LGA1700, as pointed out by the leaked documents-; the more excellent compatibility between the two sockets is equal to LGA1200, which retained the more astonishing capacity tracing back to LGA1156. The 12th generation Alder Lake and the next generation Raptor Lake are due this year and will be the only two generations of Intel core serviced by the current LGA1700. As the company transitions to multi-chip modules, Raptor Lake will be Intel’s last desktop processor built on monolithic silicon.

Debuting with the 14th gen core Meteor Lake processors, the Intel socket LGA1851 is due for late-2023 or 2024; and will keep on being the best until the 15th gen Arrow Lake. With a base tile stacked below logic tiles, Meteor Lake is a 3D-stacked MCM; to end up with an identical thickness package to the LGA1700, the company is ready to rock in the PC world by making adjustments to the IHS thickness. Besides the socket’s physical dimensions, it would be the key to cooler compatibility, and the socket will be able to fit with the latest and top-notch coolers. As the company states that the pin patch has not changed from LGA1700, by eating into the courtyard, Intel probably added pin count to the LGA1851.

Intel LGA1851 to succeed LGA1700
Intel LGA1851 to succeed LGA1700 (Image credit:, VideoCardz)

And therefore, being a smart user, you should be keener and watch out carefully for what is there and what has yet to come.