The Best-Selling Samsung Phone: The Galaxy S22 Ultra

In the fast-growing world of smartphones, there has always been a conflict for the companies to emerge on top with their latest flagships. Apple is a different medium; talking about Android smartphones, Samsung’s S22 Ultra became the most famous smartphone in April, and Samsung’s mid-range smartphone Galaxy A13 followed it. Samsung made the my-rangers so the people not affording flagships can easily access similar features at a low cost. Surprisingly, both smartphones outclassed in global market share in terms of performance.

Looking at the global market shares, Samsung’s flagship, Samsung S22 ultra, grabbed about 1.5% in April, with the Galaxy A13 being the second most popular Samsung smartphone grabbing up to 1.4% of the market shares. Also, Samsung’s low-end phone, the Galaxy A03 COre, astoundingly held up to 1.4% of the market shares.

Being able to catch up with the market shares of around 1.3%, the Galaxy A53 5G was Samsung’s 4th and the last phone on the top-ten list. The Redmi Note 11 LTE, grabbing on to the same score, was behind it in the top-ten list of smartphones. The competition is rather challenging.

Size of smartphone market share

Despite it all, Samsung S22 Ultra falls just short of being the best overall smartphone in the world. It also leaves out the question of whether or not it is safe to have the S22 Ultra as the best smartphone in the world. But, to Samsung enthusiasts’ disappointment, Apple is far ahead of Samsung at the time.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone packing in the S pen, is the most popular ‘Android’ smartphone. But looking at the comprehensive networking platform and smartphone series with four fascinating models, Apple took the lead.

Apple had the most significant global market shares, and that too, with only four smartphones and them being their latest phones without any mid-ranged version. Starting with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 got a hold of the most significant share of 5.5%, coming after it was the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 3.4% share; following iPhone 13 Pro Max are the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 had 1.8% and 1.6% share respectively.

The charts show that no other variant of the Samsung S22 ultra made it to the list. As a device of choice for the Note users, as Samsung discontinued the series, it left the S22 Ultra the only option for them. That is why it enjoyed the limelight for being the best Android smartphone. Carrying the S pen, a significant feature of the Note series, the S22 Ultra is the true successor of the Note series. In addition to the S pen, Samsung S22 Ultra also comes with an edge display which is quite regular and is the most significant feature of Samsung flagships. No wonder the S22 Ultra is the best Android smartphone out there.