Best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs

Intel is rocking with its 12th generation CPUs and each of those is in a class of its own. The company, as they say, has taken an evolutionary leap and has made these 12th Gen items on the stupefying Alder Lake architecture. The sole purpose of building them was to introduce a newer lineup to the business and satisfy the enthusiast PC users. The passionate gamers, devoted multitaskers, and professional web developers are all at cloud nine as Intel offered them these sturdy processors. But these high-end components need all high-end components to deliver top-notch performance. We are here to discuss the best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs. But why of all components do we decide to recommend RAM first?

The Random Access Memory, abbreviated as RAM and called internal memory or primary memory, is a storage device. We install hardware into the system to provide the storage required to run correctly. It is a volatile and temporary memory, and the computer relies on it for quick access to the data that it needs in split seconds to function well and respond spontaneously. Without RAM, it would be hard for the computer to get the data directly off of the hardware in that swift manner. Ranging from SRAM to DDR4 RAM, the RAM has evolved. And now, we have the most-acclaimed DDR5 RAMs here in the markets! Isn’t it exciting? Keep scrolling down and find out which of these best DDR5 RAMs would suit you the most.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Choosing the best RAM is quite a tedious task, isn’t it? So we have mentioned some essential factors below that will help you choose the right item with suitable specifications. Your purchase after considering these points would surely be a prolific one.

Capacity: It is essential to know how much memory your usage requires and how demanding are the tasks that you perform. The RAMs come in various capacities ranging from 4 GB to 64GB and even above that. People used to prefer 8GB a few years ago now, and it was enough for most games and tasks. But 16GB and 32GB are the current trends. Modern games require more space to store the data that comes in handy during the in-game performance. Thus prefer choosing a RAM that provides enough capacity for stable working.

Aesthetics: Many factors contribute to making the overall system attractive. Thus the manufacturers tend to create aesthetically pleasing products with additional features that enhance the looks of the rig. The RGB illumination, especially, is a compelling feature that most RAMs come with these days. It, however, depends upon the personal taste of the user. The design and color scheme play vital roles too. Good looks are not the only reason to opt for an item, but they matter somehow.

DDR generation: We have moved to the latest and fastest DDR5 RAMs from the basic and straightforward memory kits. The DDR5 is the newest entry to the tech world, about 50% faster than its predecessors. That means that these 5th generation RAMs are one of their kind and promise the delivery of matchless performance. The Alder Lake processors by Intel support DDR4, too, but the fact that DDR5 is unrivaled stays unquestionably true. So better choose a first-rated DDR5 RAM that steps up your game.

Data Rate: It shows the number of bits that a memory portfolio can transfer at a specific time. The rule of thumb, the faster your RAM speed is, the easier it would be to process hefty tasks. The larger files demand more capacity, efficiency, and memory module speed. The latest high-speed RAMs can process files quickly, and above all, they do not suck the power instead demonstrate energy-efficient benchmarks.

Best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs at a glance:

  1. TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800
  2. Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200
  3. Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200
  4. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200
  5. Crucial DDR5-4800
  6. G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200
  7. OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800
  8. GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200

The Best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs you can buy in 2022


Best Flagship RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: TED532G4800C40DC01 | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 4800 | Timings: 40-40-40-77 | Voltage: 1.10V | Warranty: 7 Years

+ Boosted frequencies + Stronger Multitasking capability + Improved structural composition
- No heat spreader - No buffered memory available

What makes TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 the mesmerizing thing that everyone wants to have? Is it the performance, the looks, or its reliable nature? Everything in this RAM is a solid reason to opt for this product. TEAMGROUP is not the most-demanded brand, but it still enjoys fame in many aspects. The RAMs it has been manufacturing are always a class apart and never leave the user dismayed. This one, too, has made it to the top DDR5 memory modules of the tech market.

The ultra-fast kit has a lot to put forth and inspires the gamers to go for it. Firstly, the build quality is top-notch, and the looks are elegant too. The frequencies are impressive, and the least possible latencies show that to experience the lowest input lag, there is nothing better than this best flagship RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs. With such sturdy RAM on hand, you multitask as much as you please. And for gaming, of course, the company has built a masterpiece.

Oddly enough, the brand has cut short on a heat spreader which pretty much every other company offers. But at the same time, it is a power-efficient item that does not wreak havoc on the system. It gives complete control to the user to tweak and customize his system according to his taste. Yes, PMIC makes all that possible. Above all, the extended warranty period gives mental peace for many upcoming years and shows that you can trust this RAM for the highest performance levels.

Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

Best Overall RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: AX5U5200C3816G-DCLABK | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 5200 | Timings: 38-38-38 | Voltage: 1.25 V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ On-die ECC + Built-in PMIC + Supports Intel XMP 3.0
- No Built-in LEDs - No wide color-options

The cutting-edge DDR5 has finally called upon the zealous gamers who want to take over the gaming arena with the support of breathtaking Alder Lake processors. These processors are bound to be flawless, and they negotiate with their fellow components to defeat all the previously existing rigs and systems out there. But how do you know which DDR5 RAM to choose? If you don’t want to go all out and get a go-to option, the Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 is the right thing to have. Let’s have a keen look at this sterling DDR5 entry.

This RAM certainly pushes the rig to extreme performance levels. It maintains flaunt-worthy fast data rates so that there is no gap or undesirable interval while the user is gaming with all the effort and capabilities. There is no RGB-like feature, but we do not consider it a pro or a con. People have unique tastes, and the RGB thingy is solely a matter of preferences. In a nutshell, This memory portfolio ticks all the boxes of being the best overall RAM for Intel 12th Gen products.

Of course, it comes with a few setbacks because a few faults are always eminent. The absence of a thermal pad on PMIC is a nuisance, but the low voltage makes it bearable. The DIMM height is still a less-liked aspect of this ram, if not the deal-breakers. However, this DDR5 RAM skates up the competition by providing excellent overclocking headroom. The support and smooth working of XMP profiles and the splendid thousand little things it offers are a big reason to consider this RAM.

Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200 Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200

Best 5200MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: CMK32GX5M2B5200C38 | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 5200 | Timings: 38-38-38-84 | Voltage: 1.25V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ iCUE software + Revision number is included + Real-time frequency readings
- No RGB lights - Less-effective heat spreader

The DDR4 era has ended, and a whole new generation, DDR5, is on board now. It begs the question here that what makes DDR5 a world ahead of older generations? Well, it has not set out to follow the same old path. It does much more than what we had been expecting. The DDR5 memory modules break the absolute limits of performance and let the gamer be the champion of the battle zone. The Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200 is one of those top-hole DDR5 kits.

The first and foremost concern of a gamer is whether his RAM works swiftly or not. Most gamers are so possessive about their gaming ranks that bearing a defeat is unknown to them; thus, a stupefying performer like this is his exact requirement. Why do we refer to this Product as the best 5200MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen items? This item is a reliable overclocker that can bear the stress and rough usage for extended periods.

It sucks up a little more power than its rivals, but that, of course, means that it delivers monstrous performance. A 12th generation CPU would not tolerate a slow and low-quality ram. Thus the brand has manufactured this item using the previous hot-shots designs as templates. Corsair has been persistently producing top-of-the-line hardware, and it has raised the bar with this item. It is fully compliant with JEDEC standards and has all the bells and whistles that a lofty item like this must-have.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200 Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200

Best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: CMT32GX5M2B5200C38 | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 5200 | Timings: 38-38-38-84 | Voltage: 1.25V | Warranty: 7 Years

+ Real-time temperature + Onboard voltage regulator + Support for up to five XMP profiles
- Non-registered memory - Troublesome RGB sync

Here comes another member of the Corsair family. As we have already mentioned, the company has been enjoying fuming fame for over some decades, and the users have sheer trust in the components it produces. After all, the brand’s credibility often determines the hardware’s performance. The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200, too, ensures that the company has kept its hierarchy of manufacturing top-end items intact. Why not have a glimpse at this world-class ram’s specifications and features? Let’s get down to it.

The desire for perfection led us to this incredible product that the company has just launched. The outstanding overall review of this product does not revolve around a single aspect only. This item is the perfect blend of looks, features, and speed. Of course, you cannot expect a DDR5 RAM to slouch in any area, but this one here proves its efficiency. Any other product could hardly compare this RAM as its capabilities claim to be the best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen items.

It does not come with a fan, but it does not run into throttling issues. The RAM shows real-time temperatures, making it easier for the user to determine the right way to get rid of excessive heat. The RGB lights look fantastic, and the frequency tops the charts. The well-made build quality and the elegant design give it an extra edge. But like all DDR5 items, you cannot expect it to be a budget-friendly thing.

Crucial DDR5-4800 Crucial DDR5-4800

Best 4800MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: CT2K16G48C40U5 | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 4800 | Timings: 40-39-39 | Voltage: 1.10V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Micron quality + 1.5x faster than DDR4 + Reaches up to 6000 MT/s
- No heat spreader - Easy to break stuff

The components of your old system must all be exhausted of continuous and nerve-wracking usage. Now is the right time to upgrade your old rig to a brilliant new system. For that purpose, nothing could outdo Intel’s top-grade Alder Lake processors, which are all the best-in-class items. For supporting those CPUs, compatible components are must-haves. So is a sturdy DDR5 memory module. But where to look for such a remarkable thing? The answer is right here, the Crucial DDR5-4800.

The RAM has broken all the boundaries of high performances, and it didn’t break a sweat in terms of thermal performance as well. The speed is sumptuous, and the timings are praiseworthy. It is a small RAM that comprises all the modern-day gamers’ features. This item is one of a kind. Thus we name it the best nominee for being the best 4800MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen master-class products. The gaming nerds are in for a real treat here.

Even if it is pretty minimalistic, this item offers higher frame rates than its rivals do. Thus it, by no means, disappoints the users. Meanwhile, the lack of a heat spreader puts us off because the void of such function can significantly impact the thermal efficiency of the product. But the presence of a cooler is crucial in any case. Thus the concern mentioned above does not create a mess. It is the go-to option for people with mediocre needs.

G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200

Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: F5-5200U4040A16GX2-RS5W | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 5200 | Timings: 40-40-40-76 | Voltage: 1.10V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Onboard PMIC + High screened ICs + No clearance issues
- Lacks RGB - Non-ECC memory

Today’s first and one of the most efficient items on our list is the widely-acclaimed G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200. As G.Skill has competed for several years, none of us is unaware of the charms of this brand. Memory kits of high quality which give superfluous performance are the trademarks of this well-known brand. This RAM is no exception as it fully fulfills that criteria. Let’s sneak a look at what this RAM does to your computer.

This feature-filled product already has the trust of the masses even if it has not been a long time since it came to show. The combined module layout of this item, the speedy frequency, and low latency uplift the masses and stir up competition. This 32-bit channel has all the modern technologies fastened to it. Besides, The onboard PMIC ensures the last levels of satisfaction of the user. We call it the best RAM for Intel 12th Gen processors, which justifies that title.

It is not perfect to the extreme extent as it lacks the ECC error correction feature; however, other bells and whistles compensate for this. Let’s not forget that this RAM offers the lowest possible voltage, which means it is power-efficient and saves the system from overworking. To our disappointment, this RAM lacks any RGB LEDs. It does not make this item an undesirable one as the RGB feature is not the ultimate condition for all users. It does not compel us as not everyone is a fan of flashy things.

OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800 OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800

Best RGB RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: ND5U1648400BRKDE | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 4800 | Timings: 40-40-40-77 | Voltage: 1.10V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Low-profile design + Internal thermal sensor + Reliable dual-channel kit
- No black hairline - Higher input lag than rivals

The world develops rapidly, doesn’t it? The thing which every gamer dreamed of having is already in the past. It’s been about seven years since the DDR4 was the pack leader, but now, it is the reign of the newest and well-known DDR5 memory profiles. The OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800 is one of those latest DDR5 RAMs which have taken over the hardware market. It is a classy RGB primary memory of a computer, but it is not all about looks. Let’s have a deeper dive into the features of this ram.

The first thing that we would appreciate is its tiny size that can fit into smaller cases without an issue at all. The hand-sorted ICs are admirable. Plus, the capacity is enough to even for the most demanding tasks. This dual-channel kit is enough for most modern games, and for professional content creation, frequent multitasking, and streaming, this kit might be more than enough. It delivers the data at super-fast rates; thus, there is no distortion or slowed-down processing.

It is indeed the best RGB RAM for Intel 12th Gen items. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help being a little bit sarcastic even about this top-tier product, but we have got to be honest, right? So we would outright describe the fact that the input lag is relatively higher than its competitors. That makes us wonder if it would still be as power-efficient as the producers call it? Apart from that, we did not find any notable drawback of this little beast.

GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200

GeIL's Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: GOSG532GB5200C34ADC | Capacity: 2 x 16GB | Data Rate: DDR5 5200 | Timings: 34-38-38-78 | Voltage: 1.15V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Broader bandwidth + Better data integrity + Low power consumption
- Requires compatible OS - No single DIMM 64GB module yet

GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 is one of the most substantial entries in the RAM market. Though it is not famous yet, it still has managed to steal the limelight from many outrageous products that cost much more than they are worth. The looks of a product make its first impression; thus, the RGB lights, which the manufacturers have adorned this item, make this RAM look like a royal part of the tech market. Plus, the color scheme is excellent and suits most builds.

As the requirements of the gaming community have boosted, the memory manufacturers have changed the parameters too. Nowadays, people want the speediest memory modules that the current age offers. This RAM here completely fulfills the criteria of being an efficient kit as it transfers data at lightning speed and minimizes the input lag as much as possible. This point leads to the mind-blowing fact that this item is GeIL’s best RAM for Intel 12th Gen processors, which the manufacturers aimed at the zesty gamers and fervent multitaskers.

But being a bit captious, we would not omit that this RAM does not do its best to maintain the temperatures without a cooler. There are still some loopholes in the design. But at the same time, the heat spreader, which most RAMs lack, plays its role in heat dissipation: the size and design-assist the user in installing it effortlessly. You can choose this RAM for your high-end PC that you have just built or upgraded. It is a captivating product that is rightly the most reliable one.


All the processors of Intel’s Alder Lake lineup are the best-in-town items. That is why they managed to gain the top ranks amongst the best CPUs in the market. They are the most modern products in the tech world, yet the manufacturers have enriched them with high-end and the latest technologies. These processors look cool and offer the users remarkable features and outstanding performance. Above all, they come with full-fledged support for the PCIe 5.0 and Windows 11. But for such contemporary products, one will need first-class components that are up-to-the-minute and fully compatible.

That calls for the newly-released and the best DDR5 RAM for Intel 12th Gen processors, which we expected from the leading brands since Intel spilled the beans about their CPUs. A RAM is necessary to store the data temporarily, but it also can modify the whole system and revolutionize the overall performance. The speed of a RAM acts as the game-changer while you perform dullsville yet strenuous tasks. It helps boost productivity by many folds. A DDR5 RAM at that is a mere blessing for the people who are in quest for enthusiast-grade memory kits to enhance the working of their high-performing rigs.

DDR5 RAMs are blazing-fast, and the manufacturers have targeted the computer geeks who need extreme performance levels. These RAMs have significant improvements over their predecessors. They consume less power and offer the user more capacity and features. The efficient and broader bandwidths are the hallmarks of DDR5 products. As compared to the DDR4 and the antecedent oldies, the wonders of these items are undeniable. Moreover, the latencies of these memory portfolios are astoundingly low. You don’t ever have to go through the toil of searching for the best since we have got it all done for you. So hurry up and upgrade your PC to a powerful beast dealing with multitasking and gaming like a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RAM for Intel 12th gen?

The Alder Lake processors are out now, and the burning question is what components to match with it to get excessive results. We came up with the simplest solution. The GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 is the pitch-perfect memory kit that an exuberant processor like any of the 12th gen processors deserves. This item has significant improvements over previous generations, but it does not cut short on the well-acclaimed features of those products. Everything is the right fit for a modern-day PC user with its design, add-on features, and energy-efficient nature.

What RAM do I need for Intel 12th Gen?

The 12th Gen processors are in vogue, and the massive response and demand of PC users have shown that these items will own the throne for the upcoming years, or as long as something even better comes out in the world. So, there is nothing wiser than choosing the perfect components for these processors before the stocks are all vanished. The TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 is the best DDR5 RAM that one could ever have. Its high frequency, low latency, and fine-mesh design are great reasons to go for it.

Which Gskill RAM is best for Intel 12th Gen?

G.Skill has always been a top brand that produces not only reliable but high-performing hardware as well. It has always been making top-tier and user-friendly rams, and its standards have improved over the years. The G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 is manufactured exquisitely for enthusiast-space computers. Due to its highest possible data rates and minimal latencies, this RAM brings forth a powerful performance yet reduces the voltage by many folds.

How much RAM can Intel 12th Gen support?

The technologies move fast; thus, modernization in every area is essential. Intel has revolutionized the tech market with its latest 12th gen processors. These high-end items support up to 128GB of primary memory. But for most users, 16GB to 32GB is enough; keeping other components’ potential in mind, 64GB or more might be overkill for some systems. The Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200 is the fastest memory kit on the market right now. A processor from the 12th generation family and this RAM will be a powerful combination.