Best RAMs for i7 10700K

Intel’s 10th generation products were all big shots in the CPU market as they gave rise to a worthwhile competition and a tough time to the rivals. All the processors of this lineup are a class apart. However, the Intel Core i7-10700K (Amazon) still manages to steal the significant spotlight when it comes to choosing an all-rounder processor that is not only a powerful beast but also is quite power-efficient. With the overall capabilities of this processor, the masses are compelled towards it and add it to their gaming rigs. What makes this processor a desirable option for so many people out there is not only it’s attractive per-thread pricing. The reasonably abundant features and sturdy build quality play their parts too.

However, this processor alone would do no good if you are an enthusiastic gamer or a multitasker who does not care about posing threats to the longevity of your system by stressing it. Let’s start with choosing the best RAM for i7 10700K first. As we know that this processor is gamers’ hot favorite due to its sheer performance and excellent overclocking headroom, we must acknowledge that you will need high-performing components compatible with this processor and complement its performance. A high-end RAM would serve this incredible processor the best.

But what is RAM in the first place? For those who do not have much technical knowledge, the random access memory is the computer’s primary memory on which the system relies for all the tasks. It stores the data temporarily and fetches it in a fraction of an instant. Thanks to the RAM, the system does not have to run the data directly off the hardware, which isn’t as fast. Without it, the tasks you actively perform on your rig would be slouchy. To find the best products amongst all sorts of RAMs, keep scrolling down.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Before handing over your bucks to a hardware vendor, ensure that the item is worth the cost. Many people omit considering some valuable tips before choosing a product and waste a significant amount of money with no gains. So before you go on with the list, have a glance at the tips below to make your purchase a successful one.

Timing: It shows the lag between data transfer as it is the numerical form of checking the RAM’s cycles to send data. Thus having a product with tighter timings would make your performance par excellence. That is because there would be the least possible lag, and the responsiveness of the product would top the charts. But as a rule, out of nowhere, the lower is the latency, the faster, yet the pricier will be the RAM.

Overclocking: Everyone who is determined about the tasks he performs with his system would like to squeeze the most potential out of his PC. One would tweak the system to increase its potential by increasing the frequency as much as possible. If you are someone like that, you must look for RAM that is overclockable to an extent. Check the system and RAM specifications to know if you can overclock it or not.

Heatspreader: If your system has the capability and expertise to work even faster after you overclock it, it would undoubtedly generate heat in return for that power that it delivers. If the RAM you chose comes with an effective heat spreader, there would be less throttling and bottlenecking, and the working would be even finer. Look for a product that has an extraordinary quality heat spreader so that you can rest assured of protection from the overheating issue.

Voltage: RAMs need the power to run accurately, which we represent in voltages. The products which run at lower voltages are power-efficient and would surely be gentle on the system no matter how many tasks you perform. These voltages come in handy when overclocking causes instability. You can increase the voltages, and there you go! Your system is ready to work like a breeze.

Aesthetics: Most gamers like to amplify the looks of their systems with high-end products with entrancing looks and high-defined effects. Some people want their rigs to have out-of-the-world looks. Thus they tend to look for the RGB illumination in the components. RAMs with RGB lighting cost a bit higher than the normal ones, but they take the looks on a new horizon; thus, they are quite preferable.

Best RAMs for i7 10700K at a glance:

  1. Thermaltake Toughram RGB
  2. Patriot Viper Elite Series
  3. G.Skill Trident Z Neo
  4. Corsair Vengeance LPX
  5. Crucial Ballistix
  6. Teamgroup Elite Plus
  7. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
  8. HyperX Fury RGB

The Best RAMs for i7 10700K you can buy in 2022

Thermaltake Toughram RGB Thermaltake Toughram RGB

Best RAM for i7 10700K


Model: R009D408GX2-3600C18B | Capacity: 2 x 8 GB | Data Rate: DDR4-3600MHz | Timings: 18-19-19-39 | Voltage: 1.35 V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ 3600MHz XMP speeds + Aesthetics are eye-catching + Impressive 10-layer PCB design
- Clearance issues - No overwhelming capacities

Let’s get started with the topic. The first thing that we will talk about today in this article is the well-known Thermaltake Toughram RGB. This item is a unique blend of alluring looks and reliable quality, as its name refers. This product has been around for several years. The company has been serving the users with modern technologies and necessary features in this memory module. Let’s find out the reasons for its prominent reputation amongst all other products.

Honestly, though, who would not be interested in a RAM that is so much of a jack-of-all-trades? This item is not only the most suitable hardware thing for gamers. But it is also a fine-quality thing for any PC user who requires a memory kit that lets him work swiftly. The brand succeeded in making it the best RAM for i7 10700K. It consumes a little more power than most products do but is still not in the bad books of the technical experts.

The company did a great job nevertheless; this product might not be the go-to option for all the users. That is because of the tall profile of this item. You need to check the compatibility of this RAM with other components of your system to see if your case has enough clearance for this item. If not, you would either have to change the case or give up on this masterpiece.

Patriot Viper Elite Series Patriot Viper Elite Series

Best Fastest RAM for i7 10700K


Model: PVE416G266C6KGY | Capacity: 2x8GB | Data Rate: DDR4-2666 | Timings: 16-18-18-36 | Voltage: 1.2V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Mid-sized kit + XMP 2.0 support + Aluminum heat spreader
- No adequate OC headroom - Timings aren’t impressive enough

RAMs assist the PCs in making the tasks performed in a better way as they team up with other components and deliver data that they have temporarily stored in a swift and pristine manner. The Patriot Viper Elite Series is quite an ace, especially when dealing with the multitasker community amongst PC users. Even if you choose it in the spur of the moment, it will make each cent worth it. That makes the basis of the profound confidence of the manufacturers in this product.

We appreciate the manufacturers for making this item not too tall nor short and timid. These RAMs fit into the cases nicely without making the user regret his purchase. A RAM capable of being called the i7 10700K best RAM must tick all the boxes of excellence and pride-worthy performances, and this RAM is up to that scratch. It does not even draw much power to work in an error-free way.

It surely does not come cheap, but when you compare it to other high-end products that many people are spending their hard-earned bucks on, you would know why this thing is the and other than the price, we would like to mention the exquisite speed that these memory sticks deliver. That feature makes this item trustworthy as the best fastest RAM for i7 10700K title. Let’s cut a long story short. This RAM is not too expensive but has featured any exuberant product costing way more than it would have offered.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo G.Skill Trident Z Neo

G.SKILL's Best RAM for i7 10700K


Model: F4-3600C18D-16GTZN | Capacity: 2 x 8GB | Data Rate: DDR4-3600MHz | Timings: 18-22-22-42 | Voltage: 1.35 V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ 288 pins design + Bewitching aesthetics + Cautiously-screened memory ICs
- No ECC compatibility - No support for older motherboards

One of the most spectacular entries in the tech world is the ultra-fast G.Skill Trident Z Neo. G.Skill has always been the crème of the hardware vendors, and this item here is one of their crowning accomplishments. That is why we name this kit as the G.SKILL’s best RAM for i7 10700K. The brand targeted the zealous gamers as their main consumers and set the bar high for other companies that claim to manufacture great memory kits.

This blazing-fast memory portfolio is the most powerful thing that anyone zesty about his tasks could ever choose. Gamers would prefer this item without giving it a second thought. As for the multitaskers who tend to riff among various tabs at once and are involved in live streaming or other highly demanding tasks, nothing can substitute for this item. This topflight thing is famous due to its astonishing feature-set.

If you own an item from Intel’s current lineups, you can never go wrong with this memory. The looks and performance of this item show that the company has made it the tailor-made thing for all the high-end processors. One thing that might put some of you off is that it does not support older motherboards, so you will need to pair new ones. that would make your rig the latest one for sure, so it is not a setback.

Corsair Vengeance LPX Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair's Best RAM for i7 10700K


Model: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 | Capacity: 2 x 8GB | Data Rate: DDR4-3200 MHz | Timings: 16-18-18-36 | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Responsive working + 10ns effective latency + Efficient heat spreader
- No 3D XPoint Technology - No fins on the heat spreader

If you love beating the rivals in a gaming competition, you need invincible RAM. But is it an easy task to find such a high-performing thing in the confusing array of options? The leading company, Corsair, has a way out for you in the shape of the Corsair Vengeance LPX. This stupefying product is pretty much something that would solve all of your worries as not only is it quick and flashy; it does pretty well in thermal performance too.

If you are not much aware of Corsair’s renowned company, let’s fill you in a bit. This company has always been a notably innovative brand. They are known for their user-friendly products, and this one that they whipped up not long ago isn’t any less appreciable than others. They made this item so meticulous and detail-oriented that every corner has something to say aloud. This i7 10700K best RAM would never back out no matter how much you throw at it to handle, and that is truly amazing, isn’t it?

The ever-bustling memory markets make the user make vague decisions. By opting for this highly-responsive item, you can avoid wasting time on unsatisfactory performing entities that leave a distraught impact on your system. In such conditions, this Corsair’s best RAM for i7 10700K is an exciting thing that will step up your game like no other product can ever do. It wins the cut-throat competition amongst the top-tier items for the most part.

Crucial Ballistix Crucial Ballistix

Best Mid-Price RAM for i7 10700K


Model: BL2K8G32C16U4B | Capacity: 2 x 8 GB | Data Rate: DDR4-3200MHz | Timings: 16-18-18-36 | Voltage: 1.35 V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Low-profile design + Efficient heat sink design + Custom-tuned performance
- Easy to break - No Phase-change memory

If you find it hard to choose some things from the gigantic range of products and are perplexed, we have something for you that would treat all your needs right and not let you snob over the purchase you made. You have guessed it exactly; it is the Crucial Ballistix. The users have been pining their faiths on this item ever since the manufacturers brought it out in the open. Such a tremendous response comes only after a compelling achievement that the company did make.

Installing this RAM into the system was quite a cinch, and with overclocking, you can unfold various wonders of this item. Apart from all that, it comes with quite an acceptable price tag which most PC users can afford without going bankrupt, and precisely for the Intel builds, this memory kit is an unrivaled fellow. That is why it lies in the pocket-friendly range and is the best mid-price RAM for i7 10700K.

This best RAM for i7-10700K is unarguably the one that takes care of all the mess that would have been caused by the over usage of the system. It stays active and delivers the data without making the games lag or system hanged; plus, it helps a swamped system work faster with its rapid data rates. The manufacturers built it with the intention that users would be able to make the fullest out of their rigs with the company of this RAM for a long time.

Teamgroup Elite Plus Teamgroup Elite Plus

Best Budget-Friendly RAM for i7 10700K


Model: TPRD416G2400HC16DC01 | Capacity: 2 x 8GB | Data Rate: DDR4-2400MHz | Timings: 19-19-19-43 | Voltage: 1.2 V | Warranty: 10 Years

+ Pitch-perfect latency + Low power consumption + Extended warranty period
- No RGB illumination - Not the speediest RAM

If you are a gamer who is not after esports titles and is into gaming just for the thrill of it and not for a craze, the Teamgroup Elite Plus is an excellent pick for you. We have been talking about this item various times in our writings because this little thing is the best performer that you can get for the least money. You could say that this product gives you a bang for the buck. Let’s get down to the main features of this product.

This best RAM for i7-10700K with the most reasonable cost offers the user top-drawer specifications. Firstly, the frequencies are enough to leave the user awe-struck, and the timings are bewitching too. The build quality makes things even better, as you would not have to change this item unless you want to upgrade the RAM. The PC users who do not wish to spend lavishly on computer hardware and desire an energy-optimized component can trust this item.

Moreover, the company gives a warranty for ten whole years. That sounds insane, right? There is nothing about this best budget-friendly RAM for i7 10700K that we can call a deal-breaker. The looks might not be charming as it does not have any RGB lights, but that, too, is a matter of preference. Not everyone likes colorful and flashy things in his gaming setup. So, in the end, there is nothing to complain about this memory kit.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Best Mid-Range RAM for i7 10700K


Model: CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 | Capacity: 2 x 8GB | Data Rate: DDR4-3200 | Timings: 16-18-18-36 | Voltage: 1.2 V | Warranty: 5 Years

+ Intelligent control + Attractive RGB LEDs + Compliant with JEDEC standards
- Pricier than similar RAMs - No JBOF & JBOD technologies

Moving on to the next product on our list, we have the legendary Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. You might have already known that it would be pretty unfair, not to mention Corsair, when it comes to talking about the best hardware products on the globe. This item is an example of their utter determination as it lacks in no area be it looks, timings or performance. Let’s know more about this product which satisfies most users’ demands.

Like most of the Corsair products, this one too is magnificently mesmerizing. The company has made sure that the users perform in the most mind-boggling way no matter what kind of games they play or their tasks. The RGB illumination enhances that pure elegance. It is compatible with the products of all the leading hardware brands, but with Intel products, it gives the performance a new aura, and that is why we call it the i7 10700K best RAM.

One of the most distinctive properties of this RAM is power consumption. Our experts have repeatedly tried this item with different systems, but it never disappointed power consumption. This best mid-range RAM for i7 10700K might be a little pricier than most mid-tier products, but it is acceptable because it is worth more than that cost. The warranty timing is another good reason to choose it since it gives satisfaction for many years to come.

HyperX Fury RGB HyperX Fury RGB

Best Flagship RAM for i7 10700K


Model: HX432C16FB3A/16 | Capacity: 2 x 8 GB | Data Rate: DDR4 3200MHz | Timings: 16-18-18-36 | Voltage: 1.2V | Warranty: 3 Years

+ Requires low power + Effortless installation + HyperX Infrared Sync Technology
- Bloaty software - No support for mini-ITX motherboards

Things can get harsh if the components of your rig do not go well with each other. That is why getting your hands on the best possible components is essential. As far as RAM is concerned, we would now make our final suggestion so you can choose the best RAM for i7-10700K among the top ones. We would now proudly recommend the HyperX Fury RGB, which was quite a classy entry in the hardware market. This item indeed has a lot to offer.

First up, we would mention the striking looks this i7 10700K best RAM has; The color scheme, design, and RGB lights at that, which reflect sheer brilliance and vibrancy. When the company launched it, a wave of excitement surged amongst the users looking forward to a fast RAM for the rigs they were planning to build. With its admirable frequencies, it shoves its rivals off of the competition. Besides, installing this best flagship RAM for i7 10700K is pretty straightforward.

While concluding, we would certainly not deny the compatibility issues it lets you face. But if the user checks the compatibility beforehand, he would know if this tall thing would adjust into his system or not, so he does not have to put a mess of components all together to adjust this item and still fail. Despite that minor issue, nothing stops this astounding performer from being the one that stays on the receiving end of praise.


The hardware market is full of high-end processors which compete neck-to-neck with each other in terms of performance, but some are entirely off-the-hook! They do not need many bells and whistles to stand out as their mere working is better than most items’ fullest potential. All the products Team Blue manufactures are top-of-the-line and have their perks. The i7 10700K is in a class of its own, though, as it delivered top-end benchmarks during testing even under loads. This processor is a stellar performer, and it lets you tweak the settings to overclock it; thus, it is the best pick for gaming-focused builds. It comes all set to slay the performances as it has all the latest technologies like Turbo Boost Max 3.0, integrated graphics, and high clock and boost frequencies. In today’s articles, we hunted for the best RAM for i7 10700K.

Out of all the options out there in the hardware market, finding the right things requires some effort. Especially when choosing a RAM, you need to choose carefully as the product’s reliability would seriously affect the tasks you perform. A slouchy product will lackluster gaming performance and hinder the system’s overall capabilities. The i7 10700K being a masterclass item, calls for top-tier components to work harmoniously with it; thus, one must opt only for a robust product that is speedy and responsive. However, one might not get the perfect product at a go if you are a beginner at PC building. You might run into issues with a faulty item in the long run, and the bucks would all go in vain. Thus, we have recommended the most high-quality and well-acclaimed products that did well in testing, too, so you don’t have to waste time and effort digging for the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2400mhz RAM good for i7 10700K?

The i7 10700K, a power-optimized processor, does pretty well with mid-tier products. The Teamgroup Elite Plus is a vigorous product for the mediocre-level and mild systems. However, for extreme multitasking or hefty tasks, one must choose a product ahead of others, even if it has the same frequency. Take the Patriot Viper Elite Series as an example. It is the fastest ever RAM you can enjoy if you go after mid-priced yet robust products.

What RAM works best with i7 10700K?

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is for someone who would spend his time playing high-end games instead of playing around with configurations. Nothing can beat this fantastic option, especially when it comes to matching it with a world-leading CPU i7 10700K. Once you give this RAM a go, you will stay hooked with it and enjoy its boons for a substantial period. Alternatively, you can try the HyperX Fury RGB as well.

Can I use 3600Mhz RAM with i7 10700K?

One must always go after the fastest-possible product if his everyday tasks require that much power and efficiency. A 3600MHz RAM would be the most commendable choice for all the 10th gen CPU users as it would be an ultra-fast and the most dependable thing while playing wild games. Out of all the RAMS in that frequency range, the Thermaltake Toughram RGB is an enthusiast-grade item that can turn your ordinary system into a terrific one.

Is i7 10700K good for gaming?

When the users crossed paths with the 10th gen processors that the Team blue so excitedly revealed, they started looking for compatible components right that instant. That being said, a memory module is one of the integral components while building a PC. The G.Skill Trident Z Neo is quite an exciting option for the gaming community as it fetches data faster than others, looks captivating, and is an effortless worker.