The Best RAM for Gaming

Mostly, average gamers use low RAM PCs that are enough for them, but the pro-level gamers want high-end memory that saves them from being stuck in gaming. We mentioned the best RAM that every end-user wants for their PC. Robust RAMs are important in PC build to push gaming to the highest levels. For the fast AMD gaming processors like Ryzen 9 5950X, you need to pair it with the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950X, which makes the performance higher. First, keep the motherboard and CPU in mind when we wonder about the memory selection. Most gamers want 16GB or 32GB memory for their rig. Must keep in mind that while selecting the memory for PC, does the faster memory have a considerable impact on the system or not?

The market has many memory kits with extraordinary features and specifications in this era. You can go on with any top-notch Intel CPU like i5 12600K by accomodating it with the best RAM for i5 12600K and many other options for every processor type. When choosing the memory, you must look for no issues in its installation in your system. We have reviewed some products for AMD lovers to help you pick the best DDR5 RAM for Ryzen 9 3950X, giving you more functionality and an incredible experience. The gamer or a regular user who just wants a memory for its workload must go for the best RAM for gaming which speeds up the system. Intel’s 12th Generation processors are the ones that support the DDR5 memory and also provide more functionality.

Quick Shopping Tips:

We here mentioned some specifications of memory that make it easy for you to select the best one according to your requirement.

Capacity: If you are a pro-gamer, you must know about the power of memory. While buying memory for your PC, you keep in mind its ability. A different range of capacities is available in the market. For everyday use, 8GB of memory is pocket-friendly and performs well. If you want to set up a new PC, then go on with the 16GB memory; that is an excellent initiative step. 32GB memory is best for high gaming and multitasking.

Form Factor: Memory kits are available in different sizes because only one size never fits on all boards. Memory kit mostly comes in two different sizes, one for laptop PCs and the other one for desktops. While buying, you must know that you are purchasing the SO-DIMM or DIMM. You must check RAM compatibility with your system first and then buy it. The SO-DIMM(Small Outline DIMM) is specific for laptops, and the DIMM(Dual In-Line Memory Module) is for desktop PCs.

RAM Kit: When you want to buy memory, consistently keep a gleaming eye on the memory kit to check the number of memory sticks. Typically, kits come with dual sticks on the boards that hold up the dual-memory channels. Memory comes with the 2 RAM sticks or 4 RAM sticks used to upgrade the system for the best setup. The dual-memory channel is used to increase the performance of the PC.

RAM Speed: Are you an ardent user? If you have 32GB RAM for your PC, it never gives you fine performance if you have no fast memory. Users choose the speed limit according to their usage. The list goes on from 3200MHz to 4400MHz to select the suitable option for your system. Most of the users choose 3600MHz, which increases the performance of their system and gives them a fast speed of memory.

Best RAM for Gaming at a glance:

  1. TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB)
  2. Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 (2 x 8GB)
  3. Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB)
  4. Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3400 (2 x 8GB)
  5. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200 (4 x 8GB)
  6. Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3200 (2 x 16GB)
  7. Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3600 (2 x 32GB)
  8. G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 (2 x 16GB)

The Best RAM for Gaming You Can Buy Today

TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB)

best 16gb kit for ryzen owners


Brand: TeamGroup | Item Model: ‎TF10D416G3600HC14CDC01 | Memory Speed: 3600MHz | Voltage: 1.45 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Dimensions: 5.24 x 0.31 x 1.93 inches | Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB)

+ Samsung B-Die IC + Low latency timing + Good LED capabilities
- No IC temperature sensor - Minimal advanced lightning mode

TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB) is the first featured memory that made headlines because of its design and performance. It has tighter timing and CAS latency of 14, building the trust for being the best 16GB kit for Ryzen owners and increasing system performance. It has a mirror reflection design that conducts the world in RGB gaming design and creates an RGB lightning effect. It allows the memory to represent the format of optical technology with its astonishing mirror design. It is placed on the PCB with an aluminum alloy heat spreader for passive cooling.

The IC chips are preferred through the tested process to check their stability and compatibility. It supports a DDR4 memory that is adaptable and good in its performance. We consider it a priority because its best DDR4 RAM endorses the lighting control software. It has an ARGB that allows the motherboard to sync the software compatible with the product. It works on a low voltage, and its memory has low power consumption and high performance and ensures energy saving. It is consistent with the AMD and Intel processors through which gamers can quickly build their PC without hurdles.

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 (2 x 8GB)

best high-speed 16gb kit


Brand: Patriot Memory | Item Model: PVS416G440C9K | Memory Speed: 4400 MHz | Voltage: 1.45 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 Dimensions: ‎0.03 x 5.34 x 1.75 inches | Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB)

+ Large heatsink + RGB free design + High rated data rate
- No RGB illumination - Loosely secured heatspreader

It is easy to offer a memory with the overclocking capability and different data rates. Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 (2 x 8GB) is one of the highest data rates memory as its specs. The timing and data rate combination proves the best high-speed 16GB kit that makes the better choice for users. It is designed for AMD and Intel processors; its memory offers stability and suitable performance for demanding computers. It also supports an aluminum heat shield intended for the sleek steel look. It has XMP 2.0 support with a speed that ranges from 3000MHz up to 4400MHz.

Its memory contains two 8GB modules that come with standard timing used mainly by the manufacturers. It supports a CAS latency of 19, and many users consider it the best DDR4 RAM. It has enough space to install heatsinks and has no RGB memory. While testing it with the XMP 2.0, the overclocking timings that come through enabled testing are 19-19-19-39. The memory supports a 16GB module and runs at a 1.45 voltage. It works on a system with the DDR4-enabled chip and 288-Pin DIMM slots. The memory instantly communicates with the CPU with data rates and timings.

Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB)

best high-speed rgb 16gb kit


Brand: Patriot Memory | Item Model: PVR416G360C8K | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DIMM | Dimensions: ‎0.32 x 5.34 x 1.79 inches | Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB)

+ 5-zone RGB lighting + XMP timings at DDR4-3600 + Compact 45mm heat shield
- No ECC capability - RGB software is buggy

Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB) is the one that lies in the category of aesthetics which is good at their tested frequencies. It supports 10ns RAM latency and enables it to wear the crown of the best high-speed RGB 16GB kit. It has consistent performance with both Intel and AMD processors. It contains colorful dimensions that come with the RGB lighting. It supports a high-quality aluminum heatshield with a distinctive design that enhances the look of any build. It includes five vital lighting zones that are customizable through the RGB software. It contains the lowest stable timing compared to the other DDR4-3200 and DDR4-3600 kits.

This memory is designed with extreme performance. The memory is compatible with the XMP 2.0 support, allowing the automatic overclocking of this best RGB RAM with a single click. It runs on a more brutal timer of 15-15-15-36 with the 2133MHz base frequency. The XMP and JEDEC profiles are also loaded in it, and they provide a complete package with better performance and stunning looks. It has no ECC support and works on a 1.35 voltage with a CAS latency of 18, performing at a speed of 3600MHz. It supports dual-channel memory, which is faster than single-channel memory.

Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3400 (2 x 8GB)

best overclocker value 16gb kit


Brand: Patriot Memory | Item Model: ‎PV48G300C6K | Memory Speed: 3000 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Dimensions: ‎0.28 x 5.2 x 1.68 inches | Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB)

+ Minimalist aesthetics + Stable overclock operation + Good performing memory
- Slow base frequency and timing - No compatibility with Intel 12th Gen

Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3400 (2 x 8GB) is the kit that supports DDR4 memory and works at 3000MHz memory speed. Its XMP 2.0 support profile with 16-18-18-36 timings makes it the best overclocker value 16GB kit and uses the 1.35 voltage to power them. It is a dual-channel kit with the destiny of 8GB memory, but it is limited to 3400MHz. It also has removable red fins at the top of the memory and supports pleasing aesthetics. It provides stability in demanding computers and applications. It contains a 288-Pin UDIMM form factor and does not support the ECC technology.

The height of the product is acceptable, and it fits under the air-based CPU coolers. It contains a large aluminum heat spreader that assures that the device temperature remains within limits, proves the best RGB RAM, and provides higher overclocking potential. It includes a base frequency of PC4-17000(2133MHz), and the tested frequency with XMP 2.0 is PC4-2400 (3000MHz). The heat sink has fins on the top that are usually bent to increase the heat transfer potential. It is available in red and black contrast, making it a contrast-based build and looking stunning.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200 (4 x 8GB)

best 32gb rgb ram kit


Brand: Corsair | Item Model: CMW32GX4M4C3200C16 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Dimensions: ‎5.44 x 0.3 x 2 inches | Capacity: 32GB (4 x 8GB)

+ Solid build quality + Large heatsink surface area + Suitable for 5000 series Ryzen
- Not the fastest kit - No light sync retention

Considering the windows, users want 8GB and 16GB RAM for their system, but if you are a gamer, you need 32GB memory. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200 (4 x 8GB) is the fastest and most mesmerizing addition to the DRAM family. If you have DIMM slots available on your motherboard, that is the best 32GB RGB RAM kit for your system. With its iCUE software, you can choose different lighting profiles applied to a single module. It supports other modules that contain 32GB of memory. It includes a response time with CAS latency of 16 and a 3200MHz data rate, and it is enough for ardent gamers.

It synchronizes with the RGB-enabled products: CPU coolers, keyboards, and fans with the iCUE. It contains a 44mm height module, so we recommend using liquid-based coolers for the best RAM to increase performance. Air-based coolers have a limit and check the memory clearance before purchasing it. It consists of an aluminum heat spreader and a PCB for 4600MHz that overclocked the data rate. It is compatible with the AMD and Intel motherboards. It makes the PC more attractive with its RGB lighting and delivers better performance and stability. The module is built by screening with the ICs for overclocking potential.

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3200 (2 x 16GB)

best two-dimm 32gb kit


Brand: Patriot Memory | Item Model: ‎PVS432G320C6K | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DIMM | Dimensions: ‎0.28 x 5.34 x 1.75 inches | Capacity: 32GB ( 2 x 16GB)

+ Excellent DDR4-3200 + Competitive performance + Monochromatic color scheme
- One RAM failure lose 16GB - No clearance for tall components

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3200 (2 x 16GB) is supreme for users who want to build PCs and are passionate about upgrading them in the future. It contains a 3200MHz data rate speed that goes higher at the 4000MHz range by losing its timing. It has an overclocking feature that makes it the best two-DIMM 32GB kit with the support of XMP 2.0. Its compatibility is examined across the Intel and AMD platforms to check its stability and performance. Its format contains no ECC unbuffered DIMM and consists of 288-Pin UDIMM. It has a base frequency of 15-15-15-36, but with XMP 2.0, the tested frequency is 19-19-19-39 timing.

It contains a single-colored scheme that blends it into the PC build. It has no RGB that some users usually require. It consists of a black heat sink on the top and a grey heat sink on the side, making it appealing for users. The fins on the module play an essential role in cooling and make it the best RAM with overclocking opportunities. It supports DDR4 memory and contains a DIMM form factor which makes the PC performance high. It is available as a dual and single-channel kit that makes the memory speed faster.

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3600 (2 x 32GB)

best two-dimm 64gb kit


Brand: Patriot Memory | Item Model: ‎PVS464G360C8K | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Dimensions: ‎1.75 x 5.34 x 0.28 inches | Capacity: 64GB (2 x 32GB)

+ Superb all-around performance + Ideal for academic research software + Dual-kit 128GB with the suitable motherboard
- No LEDs - Overclocking headroom could improve

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3600 (2 x 32GB) is designed for the PC powerhouse with no limitations on software opening in the background. You can upgrade your system by the best two-DIMM 64GB kit to 128GB as required. It has 32GB RAM, which is enough to tackle the issues that occur when multiple software is open in the backdrop, and the gamers also use anti-cheat software in the background to consume space. Just make sure that your motherboard contains four slots that support the installation of 128GB RAM. It supports a 64GB capacity that also has a DDR4 kit.

It supports an aluminum heatsink with a unique design. It contains an XMP 2.0 support for automatic overclocking. Gamers never consume 64GB for gaming; we consider it the best DDR4 RAM because of its extravagant performance. With ample memory space, data transfer also increases. Its compatibility is tested on the Intel and AMD platforms to check its reliability and performance. It uses ten layers of PCB to improve stability. It has no ECC unbuffered DIMM and contains a 288-Pin. Using a temporary storage device, you can employ the XMP 2.0 to reach 4400MHz, allowing faster calculation.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 (2 x 16GB)

best high-speed 32gb kit for manual tuning


Brand: G.Skill | Item Model: ‎F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Voltage: 1.35 Volts | RAM Memory Technology: DDR4 | Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.67 x 1.7 inches | Capacity: 32GB (2 x 16GB)

+ 8.88ns CAS latency + Good XMP performance + Headroom for manual tuning
- Stability issues - No buffered memory

G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 (2 x 16GB) is the trendy memory based on user requirements. It is designed especially for the Intel and AMD Ryzen X570 series. It includes a head spreader with fins at its top, making it the best high-speed 32GB kit for manual tuning. Its module contains 32GB of memory with two 16GB kits and supports the DDR4 RAM. The frequency of XMP depends on the CPU capability. These memory kits are ideal for Ryzen, and its 32GB allows the space over two slots and allows its upgrading up to 64GB on four DIMM slots on the motherboard.

It has a CAS latency of 16 that supports the XMP profile with 8.88ns latency, making it the fastest memory kit. It works on 1.35 voltage to power up and contains no overclocking, so it is undoubtedly the best RGB RAM for better performance computations and energy savings. It consists of an XMP profile that supports 16-19-19-39 frequency timing. It has 2 ECC and a dual-channel kit that allow it to work faster when integrated, and it must be used for high performance and as a gaming memory. Adding one more gear on the boards has made the system future-proof for years.


Without memory, you can never perform any function on your system. While building an upgraded system, you have to pay special attention to the best RAM for your system. Gamers choose a product because of fame and neglect its flaws. Such negligence makes wrong purchases which suffer you later. We mentioned a list of products filled with features and specs. The memory sticks come with different aesthetics in the market. The latest design and stunning looks make the products more appealing. RAMs also contain ultimate options for gamers and have excellent quality builds.

Dimensions should also keep in mind when talking about the volatile storage for the PC that utilizes air-based coolers for the CPU. The air-based coolers are large and placed at the DIMM slots. It would help if you had an oversized heatsink to overclock your memory. When buying memory, you must look for the frequency, voltage, and timing. Make sure that you prefer dual-channel memory rather than single memory. You don’t have to focus on the multilayer PCBs inserted in the RAMs for good heat transfer. We hope you find the product according to your performance requirement and the looks you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RAM is best for gaming?

You must prefer RAM with better performance and dual-channel capability with overclocking functionality and large heatsinks. TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB) is the best choice for gamers. It contains dual-channel memory that increases memory speed and supports DDR4 RAM with 3600MHz data rates. It finishes with a mirror reflecting design that creates the RBG lighting effect.

Which RAM is best for gaming budget?

The market is full of different functioning RAMs according to the user requirements. When we think about buying, we must keep in mind the budget and prefer the pocket-friendly one. When we talk about the forecast, the Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3400 (2 x 8GB) is the best memory kit for gaming. It provides 16GB of memory, which is the perfect capacity for gaming.

How much RAM do I need for gaming 2022?

In 2022, gamers usually require 8GB RAM for their gaming. Users want the Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 (2 x 8GB) for their gaming PCs. It contains 16GB of memory, which is sufficient for gamers. It always has a free space for the background applications to manage their operations. Users can play trendy games easily with it, like GTA.

How much RAM do pro gamers use?

Pro gamers are the ones who never compromise on the performance of RAM. They want a more memory that never creates hurdles in their gaming. Memory stick like Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3600 (2 x 32GB) is on their priority list because of their stunning design and splendid performance. Its fast frequency makes it absolute for the gamers, and they play with their competitive gamers.